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Gripmaster Hand Exerciser challenges each finger individually with its own spring-loaded button. This unique exerciser allows you to develop isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as hand and forearm strength develops. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the palm. The five graduated resistances available are color coded for quick identification. Color coding also provides positive reinforcement when advancing from one color to the next. Includes a pamphlet illustrating different exercises.

Professional sports trainers, musicians, athletes and therapists all use Gripmaster because of its unique ability to provide an effective isolated resistance workout. Gripmaster conditions the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm with a unit you can carry in your pocket. All athletes have a common goal to develop and maintain strength, control, endurance, coordination and dexterity to ensure their competitive edge.

The steel spring resistance allows for comprehensive hand conditioning, improved wrist flexion and extension, and overall greater finger strength. Perfect for rehabilitation and recovery training with the 5 optional resistances, the ProHands Gripmaster ensures you get the most out of each exercise, and even permits individual finger exercises for the treatment of single finger injuries. Buy yours today from!

The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is here to help you reach and accomplish your goals:

  • Golf - Strengthen weaker fingers to overcome right/left side bias. Achieve stronger wrist snap for increased distance and consistency
  • Tennis - Improved racket control & stronger wrist action for all strokes
  • Climbers - Develops & maintains hand, wrist & forearm strength and endurance
  • Baseball - Hitters gain enhanced bat control, wrist snap & bat speed. Pitchers & position players develop a stronger grip & wrist snap for increased accuracy, velocity & ball movement
  • Karate - Enhanced impact stability in hand & wrist for a stronger knife hand strike
  • Basketball - Shoot, dribble & pass with a higher level of consistency & accuracy
  • Music: Increase finger strength for playing stringed instruments. Improve dexterity for faster fingering

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Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Features:

  • Compact and lightweight design is portable and convenient
  • Allows for single-finger exercises
  • Improve grip strength and dexterity
  • Ideal for athletes, musicians and other highly skilled applications
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize finger strain
  • Helps speed recovery when used as a physical therapy tool
  • Color coded resistance tracks and measures performance
  • Contoured pad improves comfort during use
  • Multiple exercises for all-over hand health

ProHands Gripmaster Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3.625" L x 0.875" W x 2.875" H
  • Materials: durable ABS plastic, stainless steel springs
  • Weight: 1.4 oz
  • Package: One (1) Gripmaster hand strengthener with complete exercise program, or buy our Gripmaster Elite Combo Set with all 5 options included!



Place the hook of the ergonomic palm bar on the inside of the bent index finger. With the tip of the thumb slightly bent, flex the thumb repeatedly on the first button. Strengthens thumb and index finger for greater stability and co-ordination. (For increased resistance, flex the thumb tip on two buttons at the same time.)


Loosely hold the unit vertically with the buttons toward the fingers and the hook of the ergonomic palm bar positioned over the web space between the thumb and index finger. With the middle of the index finger, press the second button as if squeezing a trigger. Isolates the index finger to enhance strength and coordination. (This can also be done using the above position and the tip of the index finger.)


Lace the tip of the thumb on the center of the ergonomic palm bar. Position the finger to be exercised on one of the center buttons. Keeping both tips slightly bent, flex the thumb and the finger being exercised toward the center of the unit at the same time. Strengthens specific fingers, thumb, smaller hand muscles and forearm for greater control and endurance. Can be done with one or more fingers.


Remove ergonomic palm bar. Stand unit upside down on a table. Rest the forearm of the wrist to be exercised in the other hand. Position the bar across the palm and press the bar in a downward motion while flexing only the wrist joint. Strengthens wrist and forearm muscles.

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