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Remember when we were kids and it seemed we could sleep in any position, most anywhere, and get a good night’s sleep? But as we got bigger and slept with our arm or wrist under our head (side position), or arms under our body (face down position) our arms, wrists or fingers would become achy or “fall asleep”. These same circulation issues also occur when we put one leg or ankle over the other. And so, we adapted awkward sleep postures spawning a variety of sleep disorders.

The SlumberSleeve™ sleeve pillow is a first of its kind comfort device designed to prevent that numbness or achy feeling and enhance circulation. Since our sleeve pillow is worn over your arm, wrist, leg or ankle, it moves with you and you can change sleep positions naturally - and sleep like a kid again. You'll always appreciate the substance and reliability of buying from!

SlumberSleeve Features:

  • The SlumberSleeve is popular with college students who have to pull an "all-nighter" or office workers taking a quick nap on a desk between classes or during a break
  • As a pillow for older children in daycare or kindergarteners during nap time
  • As an ankle pillow, worn on the lower leg when the upper leg is crossed over on top - like when watching TV
  • As a knee pillow, when laying on your side for lower back relief
  • As a small neck pillow, coiled to the desired diameter and placed under the nape of the neck (cervical spine) - excellent for travel and camping
  • As a sunbathing aid, worn high on an arm and under your head, allowing for a comfortable side tanning orientation

Slumber Sleeve Specifications:

Fitting Instructions

Step One:

Leave the white knitted liner attached to the plastic core. Holding under your arm, size to fit, and then expand one or two additional notches. (Note the number of the selected notch.)

Remove from your arm and slide the “tongue” or “tab” out through the selected notch. Wrap the excess plastic around the outside, sliding the white inner liner over the loose end like a belt loop.

Step Two:

Insert fingers from both hands in the small grasping hole on the outside of the stretchable, knitted liner. Clamping the plastic together with your thumbs, pull hard on the stretchable liner until it completely covers the plastic core.

Adjust the knitted liner so that the stretched fabric is even (making a doughnut) and center the grasping hole on the outside of the core, pulling on the edges to make the opening as small as possible.

Step Three:

Wrap the gray tension cushion around the outside of the lined core, pulling as tight as desired, and fasten it to itself with the hook/loop pad facing down.

Dimensions: 24"L x 3.25"W

Additional Info: Click Here for the SlumberSleeve product brochure

SlumberSleeve Warranty Information: Limited One-Year Warranty with 30 day Money Back Guarantee

Return policy: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable.

Please refer to ActiveForever's return policy for more detailed information.

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