Hearing Protection

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cite that over 30 million American workers suffer from hearing loss due to workplace hazards and insufficient hearing protection. These hazards are ever apparent in many professions, and can pose serious dangers to the wellbeing of workers. Extended exposure to hazardous noise levels without proper hearing protection can lead to the development of a condition called noise induced hearing loss (NIHL).

To help reduce the extent of the damaging effects of prolonged noise level exposure, it is recommended by various health and safety regulatory committees that hearing protection devices be readily provided and required while on the jobsite. These devices can range from simple earplugs or bands, to cutting edge noise cancelling earmuff systems. The Environmental Protection Agency determines the standards for hearing loss protection, and includes set guidelines for which types of devices can be used for specific workplace scenarios. Hearing protection is deemed necessary for any profession that is subject to decibel levels over 90dBA for 8 hours or more. Higher decibel levels require hearing protection with higher Noise Reduction Ratings of NRRs, so it is important to read and understand the applicable guidelines for your specific profession before purchasing hearing protection devices.

No matter the application, hearing protection devices are highly effective, and very easy to use. Whether they are the classic in-ear earplugs, or high-end battery powered noise cancelling quad speaker earmuffs, hearing protection devices can vary greatly in design and function. For most standard or industrial applications, single-use disposable earplugs are very popular. Devices like the E-A-Rsoft One Touch Dispenser are made specifically for use in a setting where multiple workers need quick access to hearing protection. These dispensers provide approximately 250 pairs of the industry's most comfortable earplugs. When placed inside the ear canal, these specially designed earplugs provide unmatched hearing protection. Refill canisters like the E-A-R Classic Superfit PVC Cylinder Earplug Dispenser Refill are available as well, to ensure you never run short on federally mandated hearing protection.

For more specialized professions where the noise levels can be extreme, or for jobsites with a limited number of employees being exposed to hazardous noise levels, specialized hearing protection devices may be better suited than the standard earplug. Noise reducing headphones and earmuff are very popular for hunting, construction, aviation, and specialized factory work, settings where hazardous noise is sustained for long periods of time. A popular example, the Howard Leight Bilson Viking V2 Multi-Position Headband Earmuffs provides an industry standard 25dBA noise reduction rating or NRR, more than suitable for many of these applications. The unique design allows these muffs to be worn in a variety of ways, under the chin, wrap-around the back for use with hard hats and other headwear, or on top of the head normally and no matter the position, they will still provide quality hearing protection. Some specialized devices such as the Peltor Digital Worktunes Earmuffs by AOSafety combine the federally mandated hearing protection with the added enjoyment of a fully functional AM/FA radio with MP3 compatibility. While exposed to sustained noise levels, the ears can become accustomed to the pitch and frequency of the hazardous noise, this makes it even harder for the worker to hear, and these episodes can become permanent. The added AM/FM radio and MP3 player compatibility provides the wearer with protection from these prolonged hazardous noise exposures, breaking the damaging sound waves up, providing entertainment as well as safety.

Hearing bands are hybrids of the earplug and earmuff. Taking the best of both worlds, the unique design provides unmatched in-ear security and noise reduction comparable to standard earplugs, paired with the ease and convenience of the headband interface. Hearing bands like the AOSafety E-A-Rflex Semi-Insert Hearing Band are fit with the patented triple-flange UltraFit tips, designed to provide proven hearing protection. The universal band allows this hearing band to be used in under the chin, behind the head, and over the head positions, and is feather-light for added comfort when worn for extended periods. For even more convenience, the Radnor Orange Banded Earplugs are hearing bands that can be folded to fit into a pocket easily, perfect for workers and supervisors who repeatedly travel into areas of hazardous noise throughout the day and need quick and easy hearing protection options.

Adequate noise reduction and hearing protection is not only necessary for workers who are repeatedly working in high noise level environments, but for anyone who may be exposed to sustained noise levels. These hearing protection devices are highly popular for Nascar fans, concert personnel, mechanics, musicians, hunters, landscapers, road workers and various other professions, and can significantly delay the onset of hearing loss that occurs naturally over time. Prevent untimely loss of hearing and stay federally compliant with some help from these and many more hearing protection devices available at!

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