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5-in-1 Air Pressure Massage Chair

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We just received this chair and we are very satisfied. We are getting specific in our reviews here so you can get an idea of what you're getting. MEASUREMENTS:  This futuristic-looking massage chair has a motorized reclining back and footrest. The seat is nice and wide (check specs) and can accommodate a wide tush and wide back. If you're a men's size 3/4x or a woman's 4x/5x you probably won't have a lot of problems fitting in this chair seat. It's about 25" wide from inside arm to inside arm. The arms are supposedly adjustable but we haven't found that. You can leave the arms off but it's not pretty because some of the innards are exposed and it's less secure. The seat depth is a bit shallow at 19" deep,  but when you recline it helps keep you in the seat. The seat back height is a bit short at 32", so if you're a long torso like me, you may need a good neck pillow to fully enjoy the chair. I do use a neck pillow and the lower height doesn't matter to me.  If you have very large calves over 18.8 inches you won't be able to use the air massage calf inserts (6" wide) in the footrest, which allow you to get a circulation boost through their air massage in the seat, back of your legs, and compression in the slots in the footrest. However, you can still rest your legs on top of the footrest if you don't use the wells.  CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: The chair's quality is incredible in construction with steel bars and solid support. The chair's motor and construction are very sturdy and very heavy, but there are wheels on the back of the chair to help in moving it (tilt backwards and wheel around). The leather is top quality and is as good as any high-end leather sofa. The controller is solid, easy to understand and the controller responds quickly. Stows into a pocket on the side of the chair. Simple to use.  MASSAGE CAPABILITY: The force of massage from the chair is considerable. The more you recline, the harder the massage. There are three auto programs that allow you to get three different types of massage programs for any time you choose up to 30 minutes, plus several buttons for individual massage types -- pointing, rolling, tapping, and kneading.  I've found that the back massage can almost be 'too much' for a beginner but there are ways of reducing speed and also adjusting the width of the massage rollers. Massage strength can be controlled by the angle of recline.  However, if you want just gentle kneading you might not want this chair. It provides a strong massage.  Overall,  excellent massage on all three auto programs. AIR MASSAGE CAPABILITY: This is for circulation boosts. It inflates and deflates different points in the seat as well as the calves when you have them inserted into the footrest wells. It essentially sets up a pattern to work your legs, thighs and calves. You can use the air leg massage with or without back massage. I think it works wonderfully. The strength and speed of the air massage can be adjusted. INSTRUCTIONS/BOOKLET/INSTALLATION: We got the white glove delivery service from ActiveForever and the chair came with some small assembly required that was performed by the delivery men for us.  The chair components were very heavy coming off the truck, so you will want to invest in the delivery service. The instruction booklets are a bit sparse since they cover every type of chair this manufacturer makes, so you get two books (English, Japanese) at about 100 pages apiece with the chair. Check the back cover of the English book for page numbers for your particular chair's (Air Massage) assembly, controller, and other functions. If the air massage chair instructions came in their own book, it would be only about fifteen pages long! The instructions that are the most helpful are about the controller, which although you can notice a bit weird English in some of the passages, is very helpful in explaining the functionality of the chair. OVERALL: I've always wanted a Japanese massage chair because of my chronic back spasms -- and in my experience this is one of the best ones I've experienced. Five stars. The only thing I'd change is to make the seat a little deeper so one doesn't get pushed forward on the seat by the massage rollers. You get used to it, though. If you get tired calves/feet or need back muscle work, and are generally medically healthy, you may want to invest in this chair. I plan on using it at least twice a day.

1/9/2013 7:28 AM
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