Three Rivers Natural Fit Wheelchair Handrim

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Natural Fit Wheelchair Handrim - Mobility Aids

We know that the repetitive motion from rolling a wheelchair can put tremendous stress and pain on your hands and joints. To help reduce pain and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel or arthritis we have selected the Natural Fit Wheelchair Handrim for its high quality ergnomic design and low friction surface.

The Natural Fit Wheelchair Handrim is a state of the art engineered handrim providing comfort and enables better wheelchair movement and braking.

Natural-Fit Wheelchair Handrim Features:

  • Provides ergonomic surfaces for the thumb and for the palm of the hand
    Creates a vastly improved contact area for gripping the handrim
  • Offers specially coated high and low friction surfaces for propulsion and braking
    Maximizes the efficiency of propulsion and braking
  • No gap between the rim and wheel
    Prevents fingers and thumb from getting caught between the rim and wheel
  • Eases stress on the shoulder and wrist
    Reduces pain and injury as a result of daily propulsion
  • Lightweight durable aluminum
    Adds less weight or width relative to standard handrims
  • Attaches to the wheel of a variety of wheelchairs
    Affords easy replacement of your existing handrims

Natural Fit Wheelchair HandrimResearch of the Natural-Fit Wheelchair Handrim

In this research, individuals used an earlier prototype of the Natural-Fit on their wheelchair for a two-week trial period. After this trial period, these individuals were asked to propel their wheelchair on a roller system that allows for the analysis of how they are propelling their chair -- or what is known as propulsion biomechanics. They propel their chair on the roller system twice, once while using their standard handrims, and once while using the Natural-Fit. This allows researchers to directly compare wheelchair propulsion for the two different handrims.

The results showed that, after the two-week trial use period, wheelchair users demonstrated more efficient wheelchair propulsion with the Natural-Fit than with their standard handrim More efficient propulsion, or covering the same distance with less effort, helps to reduce the stress and strain on the arms as an individual propels his or her chair.

This research was conducted by Dr. Michael L. Boninger and Dr. Rory A. Cooper, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.

Natural Fit Wheelchair HandrimCarpal Tunnel Syndrome & Repetitive Stress Injuries

Research has linked the stress and strain that wheelchair propulsion exerts on the arms to the development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and wrist pain. For instance, research has shown that damage to the median nerve, a cause of CTS, has been associated with high-force, high-repetition tasks commonly experienced during manual wheelchair propulsion. In one study conducted over a multi-year period, the way an individual propelled their wheelchair predicted the onset of CTS years later.

The way an individual propels their wheelchair has also been linked to the development of repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and shoulder pain. Research has shown that individuals who propel with a greater force are at greater risk of progressively worse shoulder injuries over time.

Because the Natural-Fit Wheelchair Handrim may help to reduce the stress and strain on the arms by facilitating more efficient wheelchair propulsion, it may help to delay the onset of CTS and RSI.

Please indicate the brand of wheels on your wheelchair and their dimensions when ordering.

Returns: Due to the hygiene or rehabilitation nature of this product, it is non-returnable.

Please refer to ActiveForever's return policy for more detailed information.

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