Basic Exercise

Start a healthy home exercise routine with the purchase of very basic home exercise equipment.

Starting a new fitness program is a step in investing in your personal health. You can't put a price on your decision to become healthier for yourself and those around you. Once you have made the mental commitment to start, the next step is finding some basic home exercise equipment to get you started on the path to a healthier and happier you. Remember making a commitment to start a workout routine is more than half the battle! supports you and your fitness goals by offering low prices on some of the most popular home exercise equipment and accessories. Buying basic home fitness equipment is easy with these choices: mats, trampolines, core strengthening equipment, and workout devices for pull-ups, push-ups and hiking.

You can start turning your home into your own private gym or yoga studio with the purchase of fine high quality floor mat. The Stamina Treadmill and Exercise Equipment Floor Mat is an excellent mat to start with because it will protect your floors from getting damaged by any of the fitness equipment. The mat would be a great combination with the Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus. Using the Trainer plus system you can workout several muscle groups and at only $29.00 it is a very inexpensive piece of home exercise equipment. If you prefer a little more of a home cardio fitness workout the 40" Foldable Exercise Trampoline will have you bouncing your way to weight loss and a healthier heart. Maybe you are just not at the fitness level for doing sit-ups and pull ups or bouncing. You can start your home exercise program by simply walking. We have a great exercise product the Keenfit Walking Poles Combo Set will help you to get more excitement and help you maintain your balance as you walk. This walking pole set can be used by people of all ages.

Starting a home exercise program doesn't take a lot of money and finding the right basic exercise equipment is easy when you shop at

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