Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools

In today's medical world, preventive care and diagnostics is paramount to living a healthy lifestyle. By monitoring key indicators like weight, blood pressure and even sounds by way of stethoscopes, doctors are able to diagnose and treat ailments earlier and more successfully as symptoms and side effects have not had time to become severe.

Types of Diagnostic Equipment

There are a plethora of tools for medical professionals to use to help diagnose and treat a patient. Active Forever makes it a point to carry an extensive selection of each type, for both home and clinical use, so that our customers, be they nurses, doctors or moms, can find the tool they need.

Clinical Instruments encompass a variety of different clinicians tools including tongue depressors, percussion hammers, medicine cups, and more!

Blood Pressure Monitors, or sphygomometers, are used to measure and track blood pressure in an individual. Blood pressure can be used as an indicator for a variety of health concerns like heart strength, circulation, and overall health. We offer monitors for both home and office use for both the medical professional and also the average joe.

Digital Thermometers are useful in the diagnosis of all types of illness. Thermometers are used to measure the body temperature of a patient. Typically, patients with a fever are fighting some sort of infection internally while a low temperature may indicate other health risks. Again, we offer products for household and physician's use.

Otoscopesare a type of equipment that physicians use to see the outer and middle ear of a patient. With minimal magnification, a doctor is able to see an infection or swelling in an ear canal and make a proper diagnosis with this tool. It can also be used as a nasal speculum or to see the upper throat of a patient, if necessary.

Scales are probably the most common, along with thermometers, diagnostic tool found in the average household. Measuring and monitoring one's weight is not only important for one's self esteem, but is also a strong indicator of the health of the individual.

Stethoscopes are primarily used to listen to the heart and the lungs of a patient to make sure they are pumping and performing properly. They can also be used with a sphygmometer to calculate a person's blood pressure.

Test Kits can be particularly beneficial in the home setting for monitoring various nutrient levels without needing to visit a physician. The products should not be used in lieu of a doctor, but instead as supplemental care.

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