First Aid Supplies

Buying First Aid Kits Online

First Aid Emergency Kits For Automotive and Home Use

A first aid kit is a assortment of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid. Since you never know when and where an emergency will occur it is highly recommended that you have a first aid kit for home and a first aid kit in your automobile. There is an extensive variation as to the items of first aid kits based on the situation and medical experience of those putting the kit together. As a result safety experts have put together kits for the consumer market.

First aid kits can be pulled together in almost any type of container and this will be contingent on whether they are commercially produced or assembled by an individual. Normal kits often come in hard-wearing plastic boxes, fabric pouches or in wall attached cabinets. The type of container will vary and contingent on purpose. It is suggested that all kits are in a hygienic, water-proof container to preserve the contents. Emergency first aid kits should be checked regularly and replaced if any items are spoiled and out of date.

First Aid Kits For Automobiles

Automotive First Aid Kits are intended to treat slight injuries as well as medical supplies for reacting to emergencies situations that happen on the road. Automotive first aid kits come in many sizes and different levels of emergency preparedness. Here are just a few of the hundreds of safety products ActiveForever stocks for your convenience.

The First Aid Auto Kit is a lightweight and compact first aid kit designed to be stored in any car. This auto kit includes necessary first aid items such as bandages and cream as well as car items such as tire inflator and a flare. Keep your family safe while on the go; buy the First Aid Auto Kit today from ActiveForever!

The Auto Vehicle First Aid Kit is a compact and convenient kit that can be stored in any car. Included with the kit are first aid essentials as well as a nylon bag that is easy to fill and is dust and moisture resistant. Always have a bandage or compress ready no matter where you go; buy the Auto Vehicle First Aid Kit today from ActiveForever!

The Outdoor First Aid Kit features all the vital first aid items for minor aches and injuries. This outdoor kit is soft sided making it ideal to bring along on hiking trips, camping, marine adventures, home, and auto. With 205 pieces of medical supply in one case, it is easy to lose track of items but this large first aid is equipped with patent pending, clear-pocket pages to make it easy to find supplies. This way you don't waste time and become frustrated looking for a supply during an emergency its accessible as well as you know when its time to restock!

Emergency First Aid Kits For Home

Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit is a necessity in every home. Having quick access to medical supplies set aside will benefit you in case of an emergency. An emergency can happen day or night so you will need to have access to your emergency kit at a moment's notice. Please keep your first aid kits in places that are well out of the reach of small children. Also store it an a special place and don't hide it ( from yourself). You and your family should annually practice a safety drill so everyone will know exactly what to do if an emergency should happen. We have looked at 100's of first aid kits for the home and found these to be among the best.

The Radnor Water-Resistant First Aid Kit features a water-resistant, professional first aid kit housed in a plastic wall mountable case. Great for use in schools, offices or at home, the kit contains a variety of bandages and dressings, sterile cotton, tape, antiseptic wipes, first aid cream, ammonia inhalants, eye pads, eye wash, instant cold pack, scissors, tweezers, one pair latex gloves, first aid instruction chart and a label for doctor's approval. Buy the Radnor Water-Resistant First Aid Kit from ActiveForever today!

The Johnson & Johnson Professional First Aid Kit provides first response supplies to treat a wide variety of minor emergencies in workshops, offices, worksites and homes. Available in two sizes for up to 10 or 25 people. The kits are packed with over 110 and 170 items respectively, including gloves, tape scissors, gauze, medications, an elastic bandage and first aid instructions. Buy the Johnson & Johnson Professional First Aid Kit from ActiveForever today!

The Be Red Cross Ready First Aid Kit is a convenient and comprehensive 73 piece emergency preparedness kit packed with supplies to help with almost any scenario. Packaged in a durable zippered soft pack with clear pockets, and organized for quick access, this deluxe first aid kit is a must have for any home, office, or vehicle. Remember emergencies can happen day or night and your family is depending on you to keep them safe.

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