Gripping and Grasping Aids

Gripping Aids

Sadly, daily household chores can be very challenging to seniors or someone who is stricken with arthritic hands. Arthritis can be very painful and can turn the simplest of tasks, like turning a door knob into a daunting and frustrating one. Assistive opener devices, such as a quality jar opener, make up for an insufficient grip and lack of hand strength.

Helpful adapters such as gripping tape can make items easier to grasp. You can place this tape on just about anything around the house. Household arthritic gripping aids include the bottle openers, jar opens, non slip silicone, easy grip tape, door knob covers and other convenient home and kitchen aids to promote an independent life style.

Easy Grip Openers

Dycem Self Adhesive Strips are easy to cut and place, making things that are hard to hold extremely easy to use. Perfect for small kitchen utensils, work supplies, and tools - each pad is constructed from reel material, which creates a non-slip surface.

The Dycem Pill Bottle Opener Pad has a unique design and it shape makes it easy to use. The dome-shaped pad will fit easily into the palm of the hand, and is designed to fit on any sized pill or medicine bottle lid. Unique grip bars around the opener allow the user to maximize grip, and are great for individuals with weak hand strength or suffer from Arthritis. Simply 'push down and twist' to open.

The Great Grips Doorknob Grips are designed to provide extra leverage and grip for individuals with arthritis and other weakening hand conditions. Soft and comfortable, these doorknob grips feature a small lever that makes gripping and turning doorknobs unbelievably easy. With the glow in the dark inserts, the Great Grips use normal exposure to sunlight and special "glow" crystals embedded within the insert will enable it to be lit and highly visible for up to 6 hours!

Gripping and Grasping Aids

Make ordinary household work easier for those with limited grip strength with a purchase from our website! Our Kitchen Aids department offers you a wide selection of gripping and grasping aids for the kitchen. Shop for spreadboards, turning handles and more at guaranteed low prices. Buy now by clicking on the product photo or link.

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