Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair Seat Cushions

When walking is no longer an option and a loved one is confined to a wheelchair outfitting the wheelchair with comfort accessories will help improve their overall quality of life by making them as comfortable as possible.

Wheelchair cushions are made to relieve pressure and make life more comfortable for wheelchair users. Gel seat cushions, dense foam and air pocket based cushions can all be a great way to relieve pain from pressure sores for wheelchair users and others who spend long periods sitting down.

Wheelchair Gel Cushions

Think about it sitting in a wheelchair for any extended length of time can be tiresome, and really uncomfortable. This can be improved dramatically with the use of a wheelchair gel pad. One of the added benefits is that using a wheelchair gel pad provides insulation from cold, and heat. These cushions are designed for maximum comfort. For the elderly who are wheelchair bound, using one of these gel cushions can also help protect delicate skin from pressure ulcers. Best of all these pads are generally machine washable making them easy to use.

The Kolbs Gel Supreme Wheelchair Seat Cushion is a pressure-reducing wheelchair cushion designed to assist in the prevention and healing of pressure-sore ulcers. At the core of the Gel Supreme is high quality gel sealed in a leak-proof bladder. This specially designed gel bladder is encased in premium sculpted foam offering the utmost in comfort. At three inches thick, the Kolbs Gel Supreme Wheelchair Seat Cushion is sure to provide supreme comfort. Buy the Kolbs Gel Supreme Wheelchair Seat Cushion from ActiveForever today!

The Posey Deluxe Gel Wheelchair Cushion is a comfortable pressure relief and positioning cushion that helps prevent sores and keep users from sliding down in their chairs. Designed to more evenly distribute pressure away from at-risk points, the Posey wheelchair cushion also creates a satisfying environment with minimal risk of sliding. As a positioning aid, the Posey cushion is a reliable and safe way to keep users in a therapeutic and comfortable posture. The gel bladder encased in soft foam conforms to the body while maintaining a pleasantly firm and stable surface. If you want an affordable and effective pressure-relief and positioning seat cushion, buy the Posey Deluxe Gel Wheelchair Cushion from today!

The Regency Products SimplX GFR Wheelchair Cushion is a very comfortable wheelchair cushion that contains a unique combination of gel and foam padding giving you a double layer of protection against pressure ulcers. This high level of prevention gives you an assurance that you are well protected and can relax and concentrate on the things you love.

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