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HP Printing Mailbox for Computerless Email

HP Presto Mail Box - Featured on Martha Stewart Living!

The HP Presto Printing Mailbox is an HP printer for use with the Presto service to help keep loved ones in touch. Designed to print emails and photos for those without a computer, the HP Presto Printing Mailbox is perfect for those who are not computer savvy. Finally, there's a new and easy way to share email and photos with loved ones who don't want to deal with the complexities of a computer: the HP Presto Printing Mailbox! Now the email and digital photos you send simply print out at your loved one's home. They don't need a computer or Internet connection. The HP Presto Printing Mailbox is simple for you and simple for them.

The HP Presto consists of two components. The Presto Service, a unique digital delivery service which receives email, digital photos and other digital content from approved senders and converts them into beautiful printouts. And, the HP Printing Mailbox, which receives and prints the messages the Presto Service sends.

The HP Printing Mailbox shares an existing phone line to connect to the Presto Service and it uses plain paper and standard HP print cartridges. With Presto Service and the HP Printing Mailbox, family and friends send ordinary email and attached photos from any email client to a Presto user. Presto automatically transforms messages into beautiful full-color printouts.

Several times per day, on a schedule you choose, the HP Printing Mailbox dials in to the Presto Service to retrieve new messages and prints them in beautiful color--automatically! Presto only delivers messages from people on your Presto Friends list, so there are no ads, no spam, no junk mail. Presto Service includes unlimited incoming email, photos and free content from the Presto Newsstand.

HP Presto Printing Mailbox Features

With the easy to use Presto Mail Service you get:

  • No spam - approved senders list prevents junk mail delivery
  • Personalized email address - provided by Presto
  • Unlimited email delivery - accepts email from approved senders worldwide, any email system
  • Auto-formatted digital photo attachments - Presto formats & embeds photos automatically
  • Preschedule delivery - set up messages or reminders to be delivered at a later, pre-set time
  • Delivery confirmation - check message status and confirm delivery
  • Usage data - see how many messages are received, and from whom
  • Presto Mail templates- senders choose from many beautiful email templates for special occasions
  • Presto Newsstand - no-additional-cost subscriptions included: choose from Better Homes & Gardens, Andy Rooney, Wolfgang Puck, daily puzzles and many more
  • PDF Documents - send any Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document to Presto as an email attachment: tax forms, online articles, movie tickets, boarding passes, travel maps/directions and more
  • Access to - a central place online where you can send messages, schedule reminders, create to-do lists, monitor message traffic, and keep track of ink and paper status
  • Free Presto technical support
  • Presto Community - Independent Presto community at:
  • Sold separately during activation, as low as $12.50 per month with a yearly subscription (or $14.99 with a monthly subscription). Visit to select the Presto Mail service plan that's right for you

HP Presto Printing Mailbox:

  • Introduction to the HP Presto Printing Mailbox (.pdf)
  • Automatic mail retrieval and printing - up to five times daily
  • Full-color output on plain paper - 600 dpi resolution
  • Uses one HP Tri-color ink cartridge (HP 95 or HP 97)
  • Inkjet technology by HP
  • Specially designed for easy set-up and use
  • Connects to existing analog phone line - no Internet required, no phone toll charges
  • Box contents: Presto Printing Mailbox, quick start guide, user's guide, power cable, 25' phone cable, HP 95 ink cartridge & 20 sheets of HP paper
  • Footprint: 15" deep x 18" wide (x 6.38" high), weight: 13 lbs

HP Presto

Q: How does the HP Presto work?

The HP Printing Mailbox with Presto Service is designed for people who do not use a computer or are not online. Using any email account, family and friends can send email and photos to the HP Printing Mailbox user. The Presto Service converts regular email and photo attachments into Presto Mail-beautiful, easy-to-read color printouts that are automatically delivered to the HP Printing Mailbox on a daily schedule, just like letters. There's no limit to the number of messages or photos you can send.

Q: How easy is it to set up an HP Printing Mailbox?

Setup is quick and easy! Just plug the Printing Mailbox into a power outlet and an existing ordinary phone jack. Insert paper and an ink cartridge. Within minutes, your loved ones are ready to receive their first email!

Q: How easy is it to set up Presto Service?

Setup generally takes less than five minutes. During setup, you will create the email address for the HP Printing Mailbox user, specify who can send email, and decide how the printed messages should look-including font size and decorative borders. You can also sign up for articles, recipes, and puzzles from our partners, respected brands like Better Homes and Gardens and the Wall Street Journal-all at no extra charge.

Q: How do I send email and photos to the HP Printing Mailbox?

Exactly as you would send an email to any email address. Just use your existing email account to send a message to the Presto email address you created during account setup-for example, Attach photos if you want, and we do the rest! The Presto Service formats your messages, and the HP Printing Mailbox prints them out automatically.

Q: Does the HP Presto Printing Mailbox require its own telephone line?

No-a separate phone line is not required. The Printing Mailbox can share the phone jack with your regular telephone. During account setup, you will specify the exact times during the day you want the Printing Mailbox to use the phone line to retrieve messages. The Printing Mailbox will only use the phone line for a few minutes a day-at the times you designate-to check for messages.

Because Presto and the Printing Mailbox is a receive-only email service, users do not have the cost and hassles of a computer and Internet account, and do not need to learn to send email or use a keyboard. Most recipients respond to Presto email the way they're most comfortable with - a phone call. Presto makes this easy to do by printing the sender's telephone number on each email we deliver.

Q: What kind of paper and ink are needed for the HP Printing Mailbox?

Plain 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper is all that's required. The paper tray in the HP Presto holds up to 50 sheets-and loading paper takes just seconds. A sample supply of paper is included with the Printing Mailbox. No expensive photo paper is required.

The HP Printing Mailbox comes with an HP 95 Tri-Color Print Cartridge. You can use either an HP 95 or an HP 97 Tri-Color Print Cartridge. These standard print cartridges are available through Presto or at most electronics and office-supply stores.

Q: Is Presto available outside of the U.S.?

The Printing Mailbox must be connected to a phone line in the United States. However, email can be sent to the HP Printing Mailbox user from family and friends worldwide.

Warranty: One-year limited hardware warranty

Important Note: Presto Service fee applies. Visit to select the Presto Service plan that’s right for you. Email senders are not charged any fee for sending messages.

Returns: All returns subject to ActiveForever’s return policy and a 15% reprocessing fee . Please call Customer Service for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

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