MSA Hip-Air Breathing Assembly

Picture of MSA Hip-Air  Breathing Assembly

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SKU: C26336 - Part #: 10001750

MSA Hip-Air Breathing Assembly With Medium Black Ultra Elite Facepiece, Aluminum Cylinder, And Foster Brass Socket

The Hip-Air Breathing Apparatus provides respiratory protection for personnel who must work in atmospheres that are immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH), such as in oil drilling and the manufacturing and handling of certain chemicals. The apparatus serves as a long-duration work device and as an escape device as well. It is approved for respiratory protection for entry into, for extended periods of work in, and for escape from IDLH atmospheres. If used for entry into IDLH atmospheres, the air-line must be connected before entry. The self-contained air supply is approved for escape only.

The Hip-Air Breathing Apparatus is designed for good weight balance; the cylinder valve and pressure reducer are on the right side, the belt-mounted pressure demand regulator is positioned on the left side. The cylinder is connected to the regulator by a small length of neoprene air-supply hose, which rests on the wearer's lower back, completely out of the way. One end of the hose attaches to the pressure regulator coming off the cylinder and the other to the top of a two-inlet manifold which leads directly to the regulator. The bottom inlet is equipped with a quick-disconnect device to attach the air-line to the unit; available with Snap-Tite, Foster, Hansen or Duff-Norton quick-disconnect. The cylinder valve is positioned on the front side of the cylinder so the wearer can simply tilt the cylinder and easily read the gauge.



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