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Carex EZ Grabber Reacher

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had it 3 days the plastic support for handy broke

1/9/2013 7:28 AM
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From My Mom, Eunice:
I just joined the corp of mechanical grandmas with a total hip replacement.  For the veterans, you know that bending is forbidden early on.  However, getting in and out of clothes, picking up things we drop, and reaching for things can be frustrating.  The new Carex Reacher has been so helpful with even the most challenging items.  It easily retrieved a one inch slender plastic wand from my eye cream package.  Yes, the wand keeps the eye cream free of germy fingers and is a necessary vanity item.  Ladies, you know all about eye cream.  Men don't bother, or do they?  Well, the Carex Reacher has a lock and two suction cups that really do the job.  I pull up my clothing, reach for things on shelves, pick up bottle tops I drop, and so many other things.  I'll use it even after I heal well as the occasion calls for it.  My son asked me what kind of prosthesis my surgeon used as a hip implant.  I told him it was his favorite titanium golf club.  My son replied that it must be the sand wedge since I'm short.  Sometimes I get no respect.  Grandma Eunice

1/9/2013 7:28 AM
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The Carex EZ Grabber Reacher is essential following hip implants. The Reacher helped me get dressed and efficiently helped pick up so many things I was not allowed to bend or twist to retrieve. I am still using it for the items on high shelves and reaching behind furniture when the space is too small to navigate. It comes in a special "hip" packet with a long shoe horn and a long handled sponge for applying lotion. I still use the shoe horn and sponge, too.  Eunice Feinberg in Fountain Hills.  

1/9/2013 7:28 AM
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