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Hermell Face Down Ergonomic Pillow

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Best nights sleep ever. Great for face down.  But, supprisingly it was incredible for sleeping face up. I have tried every gadget and configuration of pillows to try to sleep face up. But I am always in too much pain. But, when I put the BACK of my head in the very firm cut out (in this pillow) and inched my body down a bit and it gave an incredible tention pull on my entire spine and firmly supported my spine all night long. It supported my head like blocks on each side so I didnt strain my neck at all to keep my head from falling to the side, and my TMJ jaw relaxed. It cured my 20 year back problem. ALSO, Face down I got the same spine pulling effect when I put my chin tight against the inside curve and inched back. It also helps with my TMJ when I did that and I poofed my lips out like a fish to relax the jaw. There was not enough air face down. So I cured the breathing problem by putting the top edge of the pillow a couple of inches over the edge of bed. Then I got Plenty of air and plenty of streach and support and still got support for my face as well! Also, found out it is Great for women to put pelvic at proper tilt for intamicy when she lies on her back. Dont pay for faster shipping. I paid for ground only and I still got it the next day.

1/9/2013 7:28 AM
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