Bed Rails

Bed Rails stocks a wide variety of assisted devices made for getting in and out bed. These safety devices include: bed standers, poles, wall mounted trapezes, grab and grip bars. One of the most common assisted living devices is the use of bed rails. Bed rails are important when bed safety is an issue especially for the elderly. Rails around the bed are important because when used correctly keep the patient from falling out of bed. Falls can lead to complicating an injury or even worse, creating a new one.

Side Bed Rails for Seniors

As you age muscles weaken and bones become brittle. Unfortunately the aging process makes it difficult to complete daily activities like walking, sitting and getting in and out of bed. One of the greatest fears of the elderly is falling. Seniors fear falling because a fall might mean being stuck until help arrives or a serious injury. Having side bed rails decrease the chance of falling out of bed and ending up in the emergency room.

Incredible research data about bed falls.
Approximately 1.8 million emergency room visits and over 400 thousand hospital admission occur to those over the age of 65 resulted from falling out of bed according to the Center for Disease Control. As we age, our stability diminishes and getting in and out of bed becomes increasingly difficult. The majority of falls usually occurs when getting out of bed. These falls can result in physical injury such as hip fractures and the development of psychological problems like the fear of falling.

Safety Bed Rails

Travel Bed Rail
The Travel Handles Bed Rail is easy to install on any bed you use. It is stable in all directions and can be firmly pulled, pushed, lifted and leaned on. The Travel Handles Bed Rail features detachable 30" under-mattress extensions that fit twin and fulls-size beds. Unlike many bed rails, the Travel Handles Bed Rail does not need to be raised and lowered. The Travel Handles Bed Rail fit easily in most suitcases making them ideal for travel.

Home Bed Rail
The Carex P558-CO Home Bed Rail is a durable fall prevention and mobility aid that protects you or your loved ones while they sleep. Sturdy yet lightweight, these anodized steel Carex bed side rails weigh only 15 pounds each, light enough for caregivers to transport without strain. Designed as home bed rails, the Carex P558-CO's also work as hospital bed rails and are ideal for assisted living centers, acute rehab facilities and private residences. If you want to secure a bed and sleep easier at night buy the Carex P558-CO Home Bed Rail from today!

Staff favorite
Be Safe with Safety Glo! Glow in the dark bedrail Looking for a bedrail that you dont have to fiddle around to find in the middle of the night in a pitch black room? Well, look no further! The Safety Glo Bedside Hand Rail from Hartmobility. The glowing is completely passive, requires no batteries and recharges itself in normal lighting. Installation is easy and features adjustable heights to fight any sized mattress, from single to king. Start feeling safe and secure again with the SafetyGlo Bedside Hand Rail. Get yours from Active Forever today!

Bedrails and Home Safety

Find the best selection of safety bed rails here! Whether you need a bed rail to assisting in standing up, help keep you in bed, or both, ActiveForever's bed rails department has the best choices of bed rails for you.

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