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Gymstick In Use

The Gymstick Fitness Tool is an innovative and versatile piece of exercise equipment that combines various types of fitness training so users can workout effectively and efficiently. The Gymstick can be used by all ages, shapes, and sizes from professional athletes to senior citizens, even patients recovering from surgery. The Gymstick Fitness Tool helps anybody build up their strength, power, and flexibility. It effectively combines cardiovascular, flexibility training, and muscle endurance. The Gymstick is a non-impact fitness tool that works all the major muscle groups as well as the small supporting muscle groups which are used for balance and coordination.

The Gymstick Original is composed of lightweight, durable fiberglass and is about 130 cm (51 inches) in length. The Gymstick Telescopic is also made of fiberglass and is 117 cm (46 inches long). The telescopic model is perfect for the traveler because the outside sticks slide into the center for a portable and compact shape. The strong and enduring locking mechanism ensures that the Gymstick Telescopic will remain intact throughout your workout. There are two hand grips that are made with soft, durable foam that are easy to hold even if you are sweating.

The exercise bands are made of quality, latex rubber. The latex is specifically designed for exercise use, and therefore made to be durable and retain its elasticity. At each end of the sticks are rubber stoppers. These stoppers are made of durable, non-skidding material; they were designed to be compatible with the exercise bands' connecting mechanism. The Gymstick Fitness Tool comes in a variety of resistances to suit your exercise needs. Order your Gymstick Fitness Tool from today!

Gymstick Fitness Tool Features:

  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Portable
  • Comes with workout DVD
  • Comes with carrying bag for ease of transportation to the gym
  • Made of durable fiberglass

Gym Stick Fitness Tool Specifications:

  • Gymstick Original Fitness Tool
    • Length: 130 cm (51 inches)
    • Colors: Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold
  • Gymstick Telescopic Fitness Tool
    • Length: 117 cm (46 inches)
    • Length Retracted: 71 cm (28 inches)
    • Colors: Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold

Which Gymstick is right for me?

This helpful chart will help you decide which Gymstick is the best for you.

Gymstick User Chart

Gym Stick Fitness Tool Instructions:

Preparing to use the Gymstick Fitness Tool
Before using the Gymstick, the exercise bands need to be attached to both ends of the stick. Slip the smaller loops over the rubber stoppers, making sure that the wings of the stopper and the seams of the fabric loop are in line when slipping the loop on the stopper (Figure 1). The loop may be a little tight when it is attached for the first time. If the loops have been attached correctly, the bands are hanging loose and pointing to the same direction (Figure 2).

Using the Gymstick Fitness Tool
Most Gymstick exercises are done with the loops set under your feet. Set the loop to the middle of your sole to make sure it will not slip (Figure 3). Sport shoes are recommended when exercising with the Gymstick. Many other exercises can also be done by setting both loops under one foot (Figure 4). The resistance can also be increased slightly by rolling the band clockwise around the stick. You can adjust the resistance quickly even when exercising. The smooth control of your resistance allows you to exercise effectively. Use caution when rolling the band to gain resistance; do not wrap the bands around the grips and do not stretch the exercise band over four times its original length. The Gymstick should be stored in the provided Gymstick bag, to protect it from direct sun light and other damage.

Gymstick Assembly

Warranty: One year for the sticks and 30 days for the elastic bands

Returns: All returns subject to ActiveForever's return policy and a 15% reprocessing fee. Please call Customer Service for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

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