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Magic Bullet Suppository

One of the safest, most cost effective and easiest to use rectal suppository available, Magic Bullet Suppositories are the top of the line when it comes to fast-acting constipation relief. These 10mg bisacodyl suppositories are made with a unique and highly effective water-soluble polyethylene glycol base, which begins to dissolve the moment it is inserted. The suppository contains that allows the bisacodyl laxative to absorb into the bowels quickly to stimulate a movement within minutes. Leading competitors utilize a hydrogenated vegetable oil base which dissolves much more slowly than the water-soluble base, lengthening the pain and discomfort of constipation. If you find yourself needing assistance with irregularity or constipation, get on the path to recovery and buy your Magic Bullet Suppositories from today!

What is a Bisacodyl suppository?

Bisacodyl laxatives stimulate the bowels on contact, providing quick relief from debilitating or chronic constipation. The laxative is safe, fast acting and has very few side effects. Bisacodyl laxatives can be taken orally, as a suppository or by means of an enema. When administered in suppository form, evacuation occurs typically within 15 minutes to an hour after insertion. Magic Bullet Suppositories contain 10mg of bisacodyl, which is clinically proven to help avoid bowel impaction and incontinence and shows a severe reduction in bowel program duration for various patients.

How do suppositories work?

Rectal suppositories are administered anally to provide relief from constipation or to help regulate incontinence. They come in torpedo shaped capsules that can be inserted with a gloved finger or with a suppository insertion tool. Inserted blunt-end first to ensure the suppository travels far enough into the colon to stimulate the intestinal muscles and produce and evacuation. Lubricant jellies can be used to help to smoothly administer the laxative, however oil-based lubricants may decrease the speed of dispersion and delay the effect of the laxative.

Magic Bullet Suppositories Features:

  • Stimulates bowels on contact
  • Promotes evacuation within 15-60 minutes
  • Helps enable regularity and healthy digestion
  • Faster than Dulcolax, Enemeeze and Fleets in clinical trials

Magic Bullet Suppository Specifications:

  • Active Ingredient: 10 mg Bisacodyl in Polyethylene Glycol base
  • Available: Individual packs or boxes of 100
  • Note regarding sell by dates: Magic Bullet Suppositories are typically good for up to 2 years past the sell by date on the package
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