Shower Heads

Shower Heads

Aside from the availability of hot water, nothing can make or break a shower like a shower head. After time, shower heads become rusty and filled with lime. They can get clogged, which can cause low water pressure to the point where showering becomes a chore.

This should never be the case. A shower, when done properly can be a time of cleansing reflection. Depending on your lifestyle and personality, it can also be a time in which you can practice your solo acoustic singing career, or rehearse that speech you will one day give before large audiences. You can re-live old arguments that you have lost, and finally come up with a crushing rebuttal. Although no one but you can hear it, you feel a sense of closure nonetheless. Hey, turns out you were right all along.

Yes, the shower is both a necessary and beauteous thing.

ActiveForever proudly features some of the best, most advanced shower heads available on the market today. The Oxygenics BodySpa Handheld Shower head comes in brushed nickel or chrome. It is wonderful because it provides a soothing massage without raising your water bill.

The Dolphin VII is perfect for true shower lovers. It is a deluxe, versatile, adjustable shower system that is great for people with disabilities and/or limited mobility.

Whether you need a hand-held shower head, massaging shower head, or dual, be sure to check out ActiveForever's complete collection of shower heads before making your final purchase. There are so many great choices, you'll be glad you did!

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