A- A A+
I had the please of being cared for by Jeff R. at you Scottsdale store. He gave me all the information needed to purchase a Laser Touch One unit which my wife and I are using with great relief. Thank you. Regards,

Jim L.

Just a quick note to let you know that Damien did a great job assisting our family in getting a hip high chair for our mother. He was polite, helpful and got the information that we needed. We finalized the order this morning with his assistance. Thanks

Xandis and Paris

Thank you very much. You are a superb example of what customer service should be. I appreciate your help and my sister is very happy.

David W.

Dear Ms. Stephens, last year about this time I purchased a Bella Vita bathtub lift for my parents. The lift is amazing and they have thoroughly enjoyed being able to bathe again, however, it broke. I called and got Josh, who promptly reported it to Drive Medical. Drive Medical contacted me the following day and within a few days, I had the replacement part. A couple days later, Josh called to make sure that Drive had contacted me, and assured me that I could probably change the back of the unit myself without having to resort to a repair person. Josh was right, the lift is fixed. Then I called Damien to see if I needed to return the old parts. Damien was so polite and looked up my file, then let me know I could discard the parts. These two young men are a credit to your company. I am impressed with the customer service that Active Forever provides, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for medical equipment. Additionally, I am impressed that Drive stands by their product with prompt replacement. You can be pleased with your vendor, but most of all with Josh and Damien. I commend them, and your company for hiring them.

Nancy O.

I wanted to give a special thanks to Damien Logan. I sent an email to the customer service address over the weekend. Damien responded early on Monday and has followed up wonderfully.  I have an issue with my C2 vertebrae and the pillow helps me sleep without pain. The package arrived today. I couldn't be happier and am very thankful for Damien's help.

Mary T.

Thanks very much. I appreciate the way you guys took care of this. I'm sure we'll do business again. JD

I really appreciate your response and your honesty regarding your personal feelings re: your product and my intended use for it, although it lost you a sale. Thank you. I guess that I'll just keep using the straps as I have been, with a door. The company does sell wall anchors but my wife isn't too thrilled about holes in the walls. Plus, esthetically, they wouldn't look too good. Thanks again. Unfortunately it's rare nowadays to deal with honest people who would be willing to lose a sale in favor of their customer's safety. You can bet that I'll keep your address on file and purchase other products from you should the need arise. Have a great holiday. Michael K.

Really liked the service at @activeforever today, helping me buy my new shoulder pulley

Linda V.

Thank you very much Dorsey. You people are very good to work with. A typycal Amazon arm. Thanks again, warm regards

Gary T.

Thank you very much for all your help, Dorsey. You've been great. May you enjoy the weekend also.
All the best,

Sharron A.

Hello Victoria! You are fantastic!!!! You have definitely gone above and beyond. Thank you so much for all your help. Have a great day!
Best Regards,


Victoria, Thank you for your assistance. When I first inquired regarding the leaking cylinder, I was just hoping to get your advice regarding locating a suitable replacement and/or repair. I really appreciate you doing the research and expediting the warranty replacement so long after the sale. This is far beyond what I expected. Not only did I get the lift for a very reasonable cost, I got better after-sale service and support than had I purchased it locally. You have done both Ebay and the mobility equipment industry proud with your service and follow-though. Thank you.


Thank you, Victoria.

Nice to finally speak with you; you are so sweet, helpful and great at what you do. Tell your boss I believe you deserve a raise.




Just want you to know how much I appreciate you helping to solve this problem. The product was delivered successfully. Again, thank you.



Thanks for your help and the exceptional customer service, a rare thing in today's world.

Louise H.

Patricka, thank you so much, I really appreciate the stellar customer service!


Once again thank you for the great communication and fast replies. Hope to business with you in the future.

Have a nice day


Thank You Patricka!

You are awesome. First, for your professionalism, and secondly for your dedication to seeing this through. I'm impressed because this seems to be a lost art. Having someone competent and caring is a breathe of fresh air.

Bless your heart!

Dave E.

Just wanted to say thanks to Nathan @ ext. 173 for helping me with my order. I'm confident I'm gonna' really enjoy my new eWheels EW36 Electric Mobility Trike. The sooner it gets here the happier I'll be!!!

Michael Dohany

I ordered the Drive AGF-602 for my brother in law for Christmas and didn't think that it would be here in time for Christmas and it came today 12-21-2012 and I want to Thank you for getting it here on time to give to him for Christmas this is my third order with Active forever and I plan to make more purchases with you in the future and I will recommend your company to all of my friends Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

James Black

Dear Josh, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for totally handling a problem with a "Short Shipped PO" of mine. So often customer service is exactly the opposite and the customer has to keep following up on a problem that should be handled correctly the first time by the stores Customer Service Department. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to talk to someone as knowledgeable as yourself (without having to repeat my situation over and over) and have my order issue taken care of promptly and correctly.

I figured I probably wouldn't get my item prior to Christmas (which you promised) but I did, just as you said! Everything was perfect and it came exactly when you said it would. I just wanted to thank you for that and to wish you a very Merry Christmas and even better 2013. You are definitely an asset to Active Forever! I just wish I had your supervisors email address so I could send it to he/she. Since I don't, would you please forward a copy for me? Again, have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again!



Thank you very much! The Rollator arrived one day sooner than anticipated; and I needed it quickly for a doctor's appointment. It was exactly as advertised, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the excellent and FAST service. 5 Stars on all counts! Just a little note to let you know how we appreciate your excellence service!! Many blessings to you!!! Here's a pic of my Dad and I… he will be coming home on the 14th!! Yeah!! Victoria answered all of my questions and even gave me advice about my pop-up blocker, etc. My order is now in and paid!! -Paula Price via chat Dear activeforever,

You have given me great follow up and I appreciate it.

- favoritegeneral

Jenna, Thanks so much for your help. I now have you in my favorites list. I can't believe how many items you have. My interest is peaked especially since I'm a caregiver. Thanks again.

Tammy P.

It want to thank you for the excellent service I received this week. First of all, it was WONDERFUL to be able to speak to a live person!!!!! Josh (I believe that is who took my call) was VERY helpful and efficient. I truly believe it is largely due to him that the product I ordered on Tuesday morning was delivered yesterday and is on its way tonight to Costa Rica, where a young man (21 yrs. old) desperately needs it to allay the effects of a tumor on the brain stem. THANK YOU!

Lydia L.

Brad, This is such a great product. I am really enjoying myself. I can't believe how easy it was to set up and use. My husband and I are both retired and we intend to take it on the road with us in the RV. Right now we are using it in our backyard and it is wonderful. Even in the high winds we get here in the desert it maintains a temp of 102. I am sure if we put a gazebo or some other shelter around the spa or at least near it, it would maintain 104. What a good job. May you and your business prosper in this glorious New Year. God Bless America. And a Happy and Glorious to you, Brad, and your family.

P.S. the service was phenomenal. I ordered it on Monday and was sitting in it on Sunday. AWESOME! THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

From me and my family - Dayle

How can we ever thank you enough for your amazing response to our plea for help in getting the brace sooner? My e-mail was sent at 11:45am from Fayetteville, Ga., and imagine my surprise when a UPS truck arrived at our home at 4:45pm with the brace!! The extraordinary effort on the part of ActiveForever has touched our hearts. This kindness to our family is a testimonial to corporate values that are rare in today's marketplace. Please accept our heartfelt thanks. You made Veteran's day extra special for our family!

Betty F.

Dear Erika,

Many times getting a repair for any piece of equipment is a harrowing experience. Thanks to the quality of your employee, Barry, that was not true this time.

In January of 2011, I found out I was to have my fifth hip replacement. I had been using the same single position lift chair for 10 years. It was worn out. I searched for a wall hugger due to the amount of room I had. Your company seemed to have what I needed. I had my surgery 2 weeks later, and to my surprise, I woke up without a hip because of infection. I lived in my chair day and night. It was not long before a spring poked a hole through the back of the chair. When my son checked the problem, he found that a spring had never been connected to the frame from the factory.

Thinking that I would have to give up my chair for a while and it would be an unpleasant experience to deal with, along with all the physical pain I was having, I waited. I have been a registered nurse for 40 years, and have, as I said, had many medical problems of my own. I was not looking forward to handling this situation.

To my surprise, it was not a bad experience at all. Barry was so kind and understanding. He helped me get the repair I needed for the chair, and followed up to make certain it was complete. I was to be out of town when the new back was to be delivered, it was held until my return, and Barry again followed up. Because of Barry's consideration, I will not be afraid to use your company again and will gladly recommend it.

Thank you for employing the kind of people that care!

Sincrely Yours - B. Davis

I would just like to let you know that I had been experiencing problems with an over-bed table I had ordered and had been dealing with Dorsey Dollar in your Customer Service Dept. I would like to say she has been WONDERFUL!!!! Very caring and kept in touch and helped me with the problem. She is a wonderful asset to your company and great to deal with! :)

Nadine K

I enjoyed the good customer service of your employee Mike this morning. Originally I wanted very much to order a Hydrohose, which is out of stock until October, and I told Mike when I did order the item it would be closer to spring, I'd have the money then and I would get two of them. He noted on my order today that I want to be notified when they are back on the sheles.

The rest of my order was small compared to bigger ticket items, but he stayed with me as I browsed support stockings and pill minders. He was surprised to learn that the two pill minders I bought today cost $20 apiece at a local drugstore.

Mike is the perfect man to have helping people place orders. "May I suggest this...?" he asked. Or, "Go to number XXXX. Is that what you mean?"

People do not usually take time to thank a n order clerk publicly, but I want to say "Thank You" to Mike and congratulations to ActiveForever on having such a fine representative.

E. Brown - Whidbey Island, WA

Hi Tom,

The purpose of this email is to confirm my conversation with you regarding EVA, a customer service employee with your company. I had ordered a hernia truss that came thru in the wrong size on the confirmation and had paid for expedited shipping, due to the need to use it this Friday morning - a very recent muscle weakness. Eva listened completely to my story, made sure she had all the information of what happened and what was desired to correct the situation. She doubled checked to be sure the information was accurate. I was then informed she would work to do all she could to resolve the situation and would call me as soon as possible. This Eva accomplished and resolved the situation completely to my satisfaction.

I accept a certain range of positive and negative responses to me by todays business people. I respond when I experience excellent service by personnel and believe that they should be recognized for being exceptionally responsible. Eva was sincere, personal and professional. Her manner of working with me was very mature and came across as being very seasoned as a professional. However, her voice appeared quite young, thus I concluded that Eva has learned as well as intuitively understood a very successful approach with people.

I highly commend Eva for being an exceptional representative of your company. I will without hesitation continue to do business with ActiveForever as well as recommend your company and products to others. I believe employees need to be recognized and rewarded when their service goes beyond what I experience as a "norm." Eva responded to me and performed a service for me that did go well beyond this "norm."

Congratulations for having such an employee as Eva.

I also appreciate whatever part you had in this situation. A supervisor's position includes many skills.

Thank you.


J. Grant - Southbury, CT

To whom it may concern

I would like to thank you for outstanding customer service. I had been hunting around on the inter net trying to find a product that might help me with night sweats and hot flushes that have been making my life miserable. My apartment A/C does not cool my room enough and I have not had a decent nights sleep in ages, I found one of your products on line and I decided to call the customer service number to learn more about it. I was delighted with the way I was treated by Patricka Fletcher, not only did she give me more information on the product I called about, but she emailed me several other suggestions with the links to examine other items as well.

Patricka also helped me by explaining my Flex Spending could be used to pay for those items with my Dr approval. I contacted my Flex account and my physician and then came back today to order the items. While placing my order I told her about some issues with my back and legs and she suggested yet another of your products that will do exactly what I wanted, so I bought that too.

This has been an extremely easy and effortless transaction. Please pass on the highest compliments to her, she is an asset to your company and I will be a repeat customer because she was willing to listen to my needs and knew the exact products that would benefit me the most. Knowledgeable, caring, competent personal service makes all the difference. I do hope you will recognize her Customer Service skills and product awareness. I am really looking forward to receiving the items I have ordered with the help and information I received from Patricka.

Sincere Thanks

R. Walker


I would like to let you know how great Patrika is (not sure how to spell her name). Extremely courteous and very friendly (she has a smile in her tone).

I received my product yesterday and unfortunately it was defective. I called to let your company know and Patrika was fabulous! She really took care of me and made sure that another one was sent right out to me.

I have been in the retail industry for 30 years so I know what great customer service is.

Thank you for a great experience. I will shop with your company again.

Best Regards,

K. Ogden

I am a new customer. I found an item thru the internet to your site. I wasn't sure if the item would work for me. I contacted your customer service department and with in minutes they answered all my questions. You have the BEST customer service department that I have ever seen. I have contacted several other sites and still no response from them. I will be back for more items later. Please keep up the good work.

K. Motes - Smyrna, GA

I just wanted to write and tell you that the service I received from Aaron Serbu and all the other individuals that I spoke with, were some of the most polite, helpful people I have done business with. I wish I would have wrote each persons name down so that they could receive credit, but I want to thank each one of them for their help.

T. Earls - Avenal, CA

Please send me as many catalogs as you can. I work primarily with Parkinson's patients, but also oversee the resource center at the Covenant NeuroScience Institute. We house neuro rehab for the hospital as well as housing the following nonprofit organizations: National MS Association, Epilepsy Association, Parkinson's disease Assoc., Alzheimers Association and soon will be adding the ALS Assoc. We all service large areas in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, with support groups, etc. Having resources where patients can order medical equipment at discounted prices would be wonderful!

J. Bidwell - Lubbock, TX

Just to let you know, my mother loves her Gel Pro Chef's Mats! She is 80 years old, Italian and loves to cook!She said, "You should get one" then she said, "Wait, you don't like to cook !" She knows me as well as I know her !

Thanks again!

T. Kutch

There's a reason why y'all get such high ratings! Thanks for the great customer service, Krista. That's a rarity, especially around Christmas. Appreciate it! We did get the items just as you promised.

Merry Christmas!


Dear Erika,

I just wanted to dash off a quick email to compliment you on your customer service.

i retired from the practice of law in the public sector and now work full time in a floor heating company. most of what i do now is related to marketing and i have done a ton of research on what it means to be customer centric. and i must say, from what i have observed regarding the handling of this issue, your company is the epitome of customer centricity.

thank you for all of your email correspondence and i look forward to trying this product.

Warmly yours,


You ladies are great. I have told Patricka this in the past, but I mean it, it is a pleasure to do business with professionals who take care of business, but also take time to make it fun. I look forward to the next visit.

Best always.


I want to pay my compliments to your company for the excellent customer service that my wife received to day when she called to track an order. She was amazed that she was able to conduct her business in a timely and efficient manner with a young man by the name of Mike. He was able to help her with her problem in a matter of minutes.

Please do not ever outsource you customer service. Because when you have to deal with companies that outsource their customer service it leaves a very bad taste in your mouth.

We have had bad experiences with HP and Charter communications when conducting business. Because of their outsourcing Customer service. Therefore we will not look to purchases HP products in the future. With Charter Communications I have no choice.

Because of you excellent customer service. I will use your company again in the future and also refer other people to your siite.

Thank you James C.

Dear Erika,

Duncan and I can't begin to adequately thank you and your incredible team for all the recent assistance provided to us with regard to his malfunctioning scooter.

Certainly we agree with you that Mary Jo gets special credit - she made it happen - but each of you went so far above and beyond that we are more grateful than you might imagine. And the house is nice and quiet, too!

Active Forever is all it deserves to be, in that you're well-known and highly-regarded throughout the area with good reason: you personify the service ethic...the 'customer always comes first' ethic. Further, there must be a reason we nearly never leave the shop without buying something: there’s always some item that we’ve not yet thought about that we suddenly realize can make Duncan's life easier in small and big ways.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - for running a business you should be immensely proud of, with a staff you should be immensely proud of. We are the very lucky beneficiaries of that.

Warmest regards,

Elaine & Duncan

Thank you, it's nice to deal with a company that responds so promptly...makes the customer's job much easier.
Much appreciation

KMyers - Chico, CA

Dear Ms. Feinberg:

I am writing to tell you of an experience that I had with your company, and in particular, Ms. Householder, within the last 24 hours, that completely changed my view of internet shopping. My mother had an unfortunate accident in her home late Wednesday evening, and broke her arm. Clearly, we were in need of some help in order for her to adequately cope with day to day tasks as simple as getting out of a chair, due to the inability to use her arm. After returning with her from the doctor late Thursday afternoon, I decided to get her some help, and noticed a device, the UpEasy Chair Cushion, that I thought could be of assistance. After reviewing a number of websites, it seemed like your pricing was quite reasonable. I placed my order, and due to the urgency of the need for it, I ordered it via next day shipping. When I called customer service at, I was told that it was too late to receive it tomorrow. The significant cost of this shipping was never the issue - - it was the immediate need of the item that was of paramount importance. This is when I had the wonderful fortune of dealing with Ms. Householder.

I left a voicemail for her, which she promptly returned. With great sincerity, a true willingness to help, and most importantly - - - the utmost compassion for my mother's situation, she swung into action. She contacted the manufacturer directly, arranged for alternate shipping instructions, called me back, and lo and behold, my mother was in receipt of the device by 10:30 the next morning!!!! All this, simply put, because someone took the time to do something that is so often overlooked - - - - she simply cared. Although we have never met, and our contact was limited to a couple of short phone conversations and e-mails, it is quite reassuring to know that there are Stacy Householders out there. So in the end, some anonymous points and clicks of the mouse turned out to be a true human interest story - - by that I mean one terrific young woman took the time to have some basic human interest in someone that she has never met, that is old enough to be her grandmother. Ms. Feinberg, please be aware of what a great asset Ms. Householder is to your organization. For one family in New Jersey, she redefined what the term "customer service" is all about. For those in need of products you sell, I will never hesitate to recommend, and if they run into some trouble, I'll tell them to "just ask for Stacy."


Marshall K.

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