Thumper Flexor Pro Adjustable Active Back Support

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Thumper Flexor Pro Adjustable Back Support

The revolutionary, patented Thumper Flexor Pro Adjustable Active Back Support is the only back support which offers customized, adjustable height and firmness of the lumbar support to treat spinal curvature, and helps prevent back pain in people who sit for long periods of time. Doctor recommended and clinically proven, health care professionals utilize the Flexor Pro as a foundational component in their practices with back pain patients. Everyones body proportions and spines curve differently so the Flexor Pro Adjustable adapts to your body. The patented bulb controls the groundbreaking inner air chamber to provide correct alignment customized to every individuals spinal curve ("lordosis") and height for truly personalized lumbar support. During long periods of sitting poor posture is common which causes spinal stresses to increase and results in back pain, back muscle spasms, and even herniated discs.

The Thumper Flexor Pro allows you to easily adjust the firmness of the support which offloads pressure from the spine and improves circulation (all part of "active sitting"); this adjustable active back support makes sitting a dynamic activity instead of passive which is essential to preventing and relieving back pain. This professional grade Thumper back support is hand assembled from the highest quality materials available, incorporates up to thirty individual parts, and constructed from incredibly durable, foam-based (and flame retardant) materials (last a minimum of 15 years). This active back support is covered by a unique fabric exclusively engineered to outlast all covers presently on the market; the advanced fabric resists fading, odors, wicks away sweat, and is immune to fungus and bacteria. The inventive Flexor Pro inflatable back support precisely locates and properly supports the lumbar curve (up, down, in, and out) for a true custom adjustment; ideal for use at work, home, or in your vehicle. Improve your posture and comfort while staying limber, feeling better, and keeping healthy; buy the Thumper Flexor Pro Adjustable Active Back Support at today!

"As a practicing chiropractor for 18 years, I highly recommend Thumper Flexor Pro to all my patients to facilitate proper spinal support at home, at work, or in the car. I believe there is no other back support that combines comfort, durability and price. They are simply the Rolls Royce of back supports!" -Robert D. Johnson, BA, DC

"Thumper® Flexor Pro represents a breakthrough in customized, ergonomically-designed back supports!" -J. Dimerman, DC

The ideal sitting posture is one that continually changes. Thumper active back supports use the latest science to ensure minimal stress on the low back tissues and to provide for posture change. Using an inflatable air chamber, the user increases or decreases the lumbar support. This avoids the damaging flexed posture. Static back rests simply cannot provide these advantages." -Dr. Stuart M. McGill PhD, Canada


Flexor Pro Active Back Support Features:

  • Only back support with height adjustability (vertical variance)
  • Fits all body types with 10" vertical adjustment
  • Both prevents and relieves back pain
  • Patented air chamber inflates to desired firmness
  • Easy to use
  • Engineered wooden frame for solid structure
  • Decreases spinal pressure and improves circulation
  • Ideal for office, home, and auto use
  • Hand assembled
  • Comprised of up to 30 individual parts
  • Fabric covering is fade/odor resistant, wicks away sweat, immune to fungus/bacteria
  • Made with durable, foam-based, flame retardant materials


Thumper Flexor Pro Specifications:

  • Dimensions: W 19" x 21" H

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on all air valve components; 2 year manufacturer warranty for the rest of the product.

Returns: Due to the hygiene or rehabilitation nature of this product, it is non-returnable.

Please refer to ActiveForevers return policy for more detailed information.

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