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Writing Bird

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I had high hopes for the Writing Bird! It looked exactly like what I was looking for, but it needs work. I suppose it depends on who you are buying for and what their individual needs are. Before you get stuck with this (it's not returnable from this vendor), you should know that it is not large enough for a normal-sized male hand which makes it awkward and uncomfortable. Because it is made of acrylic, it is heavier than you would expect. I bought this for my father who is recovering from a stroke and trying to write again. Because the pen is stationary, you need to lift the Bird and put it down so that it doesn't drag from letter to letter. If you are writing in script, this may not be a real issue, but for people who have a disability or are recovering, block letters are where they start! It was difficult for him to lift and move. Lastly, the opening for the pen or pencil is much too skinny! It only fits a stick pen or pencil -- for the price this space should be adjustable. Overall, I found this device much too heavy, too small and too rigid -- not enough choices available. Proceed with caution!

1/9/2013 7:28 AM
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My mother can't write without a 'bird'! Her writing with it is beautiful too.

1/9/2013 7:28 AM
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