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AQx Sports Zero Gravity Floatation Swim Suit

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Very High Quality Product - Excellent therapy/Training Aid

Usually things that have to be stitched together are very poorly made these days, but not so in this case... this floatation assist "shorty" wet suit was of the highest quality construction and materials I've seen for water-wear. More importantly, it worked perfectly for its intended purpose. I am recovering from a severe stroke (hemiplegic - completely paralyzed on one side), and was a nationally ranked triathlete before the stroke, who wants to compete again. Swimming and pool running are extremely helpful to my recovery, but spasticity on one side was making it hard to extend my arm and lift my toes, each critical to swimming and running, respectively.

The real challenge of stroke recovery is that there are too many things going wrong at one time, yet you need total concentration to improve the most affected areas. For swimming, the floatation suit keeps your body in perfect swimming position so no effort (cognitive or physical) is expended trying to tread water, letting me concentrate on arm extension and strengthen my shoulder (shoulders are often toast after a stroke). I can just float there and just stroke the affected arm. For pool running, the flotation suit holds you much higher in the water, so for a given amount of weight reduction on your legs, your body does not have to push through as much water.

Sizing was as advertised, but it fits snugly and you may need assist getting it on depending on your level of disability, especially when it is new. It provides a lot of buoyancy, so if you use zoomers (swim fins/flippers) it can be harder to get them deep enough to provide the expected assist. Perhaps a future model option with less buoyancy will be useful as you improve, but for now it's perfect.

If you love swimming, understand to huge health and therapeutic benefits, and/or swim alone or in open water, this floatation suit provides a lot of therapeutic support, safety, and peace of mind until you get fully recovered from whatever ails you. It was pricy, the in line with the quality, and the no-return policy was a bit scary, but it is definitely one of the very best investments I have made in my recovery. For more on my recovery efforts visit

1/23/2014 6:57 AM
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