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Air Purifiers for Allergies

Since allergies are triggered by airborne particles, it is natural to assume that air purification devices will help alleviate the symptoms since they constantly filter contaminants from the immediate environment. While this concept is true to a degree, it is necessary to do some research to determine which product is best suited for the kind of allergens that cause the irritation, because not all units produce the same results.

HEPA Replacement Filters for Austin Air Machines

The term HEPA is an acronym for "High Efficiency Particulate Air." HEPA filters are a common tool used in many mechanical air cleaners to filter small, unwanted, and unhealthy particles out of the air. They consist of a web of fibers arranged in a random pattern. The first HEPA filters were designed by United States Department of Energy in the 1940s, though it was not until the 1950s that they began to enjoy widespread commercial use. Since then, there have been advances which have improved upon the original HEPA filters, but their basic design and function has remained the same for over half a century. HEPA Filters - True HEPA filters will capture a minimum of 99.97 percent of the airborne particles that are up to 0.3 microns -- which is sufficient for most irritants - and must be replaced every 6 months to a year and are typically effective for seasonal allergies. HEPA filters will not help filter particles that have already settled onto surfaces.

The Austin Air Purifier Replacement Filter for HealthMate Plus is a high-grade replacement filter that traps 99.97% of pollutant particulate so that you and your family can breathe easily. Durable and precise, this Austin Air replacement filter purifies the air in a 1500 sq. ft. radius for five years before you need to replace it again. this Austin Air purifier filter can capture everything from pet dander and dust, to gases and odors and even bacteria and viruses. Designed for use in the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air Filter.

The Austin Air Replacement HEGA Filter for Allergy Machine is a high-efficiency replacement filter that uses true HEPA filter technology and a military-grade HEGA filter to purify the air you breathe. Therapeutic and long-lasting, the Austin Air replacement filter removes 99.97% of particulates bigger than .3 microns. Designed to fit with the Austin Allergy Machine Air Filter, the replacement filter is a crucial component of your air filtration system. Ideal for those who suffer from seasonal air pollution, this purifier will help people with allergies, pets, or homes near plants or roads.

Austin Air Purifiers

The Austin Air HealthMate Air Filter is deluxe filtration system ideal for use in an office or at home. Removing a wide variety of contaminants, including dust, pollens, dander, odors, chemical vapors and more, the Austin Air HealthMate Air Filter is unmatched in both power and results. With the unique 360° Progressive Filtering System, the HealthMate HM400 is able to fully filter and process over 250 cubic feet of air every minute, more than any other air cleaner on the market.

Austin Air Baby"s Breath Air Purifier offers the highest level of protection from a variety of airborne contaminants. Clinically proven to help infants fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly. Depending on which stage (out of 4) you decide to use, you can remove anything from macroscopic particles of dust to microscopic toxins. At the highest setting, the Baby"s Breath HEGA filter removes sub-micron particles, noxious gases and chemicals from up to 250 cubic feet of air every minute.