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Hand Controls For Disabled Drivers

Keeping disable drivers independent instead of needing a ride and being the passenger is the difference between being dependent on others for transportation and being self-reliable. Having a handicap no longer means that you are dependent on other people. carries a select of auto accessories designed specifically for the handicap driver. Now you have the power of choice and pick when and where you want to go out.

Auto Accessories For Handicap Drivers

The Handybar car aid is a useful tool for the elderly, helping them to avoid strain while leading a more independent life. Simply insert the end of the Handybar Mobility Handle into the striker plate on the car door pillar and you have a secure handle to help lift yourself up with. Best of all, the Handybar can be used on either side. Buy your Handybar. Mobility Handle from today!

  • Great aid for those with limited mobility
  • Helps you enter and exit your vehicle without struggling
  • Completely portable
  • Includes emergency seat belt cutter and window breaker
  • No vehicle modification required
  • Works on both passenger and driver side of vehicles

Peddle Master Portable Vehicle Hand Controls Designed by a physically challenged driver, the Peddle Master Portable Vehicle Hand Controls are versatile and user friendly, and can be used on over 90 percent of vehicles. For ensured safety they are SAE tested and approved, and are conveniently compact and lightweight for easy storage during travel. Enjoy the freedom of the open road when you buy the Peddle Master Portable Vehicle Hand Controls from today!

The AZ-1 Portable Automobile Hand Controls also conveniently adjust, enabling the user to modify them to fit their personal height. Additional professional hand grips make controlling the hand controls very easy, and they won"t heat up when your car gets hot. The AZ-1 Portable Automobile Hand Controls are designed to work on most cars and vehicles.