Heated Mats

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Heated Mats

The HeatTrak line of products are potentially life-saving tools designed to keep walkways clear and risk-free without the hassle of shoveling.

The technology is simple but effective, each of the items is composed of an electric heating element between reinforced slip-free rubber. Grommet holes on both sides allow all of the products to attach easily to any surface. They are durable, designed to brave the outdoor elements all winter long.

The HeatTrak Heated Traction Mat is perfect for any walkway or entrance that needs a little extra clearing. This portable, heating element is available in a number of sizes and strengths and can be situated to fit into even the most meandering of walkways. It can melt up to two inches of falling snow per hour.

In similar fashion, the HeatTrak Heated Entrance Mat is a reliable safety measure designed to adorn any walkway. The HeatTrak Heated Rubber Stair Treads are perfect for preventing potentially life-threatening stairway slips. They’re rugged and durable enough to remain outdoors, enduring the heaviest of snowfalls.