Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses have many uses in our daily lives. Some magnifiers are used as low vision aids, helping people read everything from newspapers and magazines to recipes and maps. These vision aids can even come equipped with lights to make night time reading easier. Other magnifiers are used by professionals and hobbyist who's work requires them to work with small precision objects like electronic components or tiny connectors such as one would find in jewelry. There are other types of magnifiers such as loupes, microscopes and telescopes. These are all designed to give the user a better visual perspective and increases focus on an object that is just too small or too far away to be accurately view.

Hand Held Magnifiers

Hand held magnifying glasses can be extremely helpful around the household. One of most important things a magnifying glass could read are the tiny printed labels on medication. Accidental over doses are one of the most common reasons people are seen by emergency personnel. This rate of accidental over dose increases with the age so does the decline of a person's vision. So the importance of a person accurately reading this vital information can be improved with the aid of a hand held magnifier. This low vision aid can help prevent a trip to the emergency room.

Best Selling Magnifiers

The low vision aid team recommends these best selling vision aid products

Magnifiers for work and hobbyists

Donegan OptiVisor Headband Magnifieris a simple, easy to use solution for many types magnification needs. The headband can be adjusted to fit virtually any head size and is lined with orthopedic felt for added comfort. You can also wear OptiVisor Magnifier over prescription glasses. This is an excellent hands free magnifier and is ideal for crafts, hobbies and fine detail work.

Portable hand held readers

Magna-Lite Mini-Reader, 3X MagnifierIs perfect for small type or reading in dark places. It's convenient size fits easily in pocket, purse or glove compartment. The Mini-Reader is lightweight and has a durable impact resistant casing. This makes it handy for pocket or purse. Ideal for reading maps, street guides, telephone books, stock market quotations, etc.

Hand held magnifying glasses with LED light

The UltraOptix 2" x 3" LED Lighted Magnifieris lightweight, very easy to use and has 3 times the magnification. The handheld magnifier is equipped with a collapsible handle, making it easy to fold away and store when not in use. The large lens and integrated LED light allow users to see small type or objects clearly in the darkest of situations.

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