Fathers Day Gift Ideas For Grandpa

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Top Ten Best Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

As someone who is lucky enough to still have three grandparents alive and kicking, I consider very important to find my grandfather a unique gift for Father's Day. Even though he is getting older and doesn't get around as well as he once did, my grandfather is a very active man, so the ideal gift from me would be something he can use all the time. I couldn't imagine buying a tie or a useless knick-knack for the man who taught me how to fish, how to shoot, and everything I know about camping and football.

Below are the Top Ten Best Father's Day Gifts for the Grandfather who likes to stay active:

1) Bionic Golf Glove
Arthritis can ruin a good time for even the most devoted golfer. The Bionic Golf Glove is designed to help those who have trouble gripping the club enjoy their favorite pastime again. Designed to last for years, Bionic Golf Gloves feature strategically placed relief padding to improve your grip while eliminating fatigue. They enable the hand to align perfectly with the grip of your golf club, enhancing club control and improving your overall game.Bionic Golf Glove

2) iBeam Deluxe Magnifying Watch with Flashlight
Grandpa was a military electrical engineer for over 30 years, so he loves electronic gadgets. Like something right out of a James Bond movie, the iBeam watch is sure to impress him. Press a button on the side and the watch face pops up to become a 3X magnification lens. Press another button and it activates a bright flashlight that shuts off after 30 seconds. The iBeam is available in gold or silver, with a metal expansion band or black leather band.iBeam Deluxe Magnifying Watch with Flashlight

3) Hydrohose Automatic Rewind Hose Reel
Nothing drove Grandpa nuts like when his grandson (not me of course) would use the hose and leave it out. The Hydrohose Automatic Rewind Hose Reel makes putting the hose away easy. Besides including its own firefighter-style hose the Hydrohose rewinds at the touch of a button. No more dirty, heavy rubber hoses and no more hand cranking!Hydrohose Automatic Rewind Hose Reel

4) AutoCloser - Automatic Garage Door Closer
How many times have you left the house and were not sure if you closed the garage or not? This happens to my grandparents quite a bit. With the AutoCloser - Automatic Garage Door Closer, Grandpa will never have to worry about that again. It can be set to close between two to twenty minutes after the door has been opened or can be easily deactivated when he wants the door to remain open.AutoCloser - Automatic Garage Door Closer

5) Donegan OptiVisor
Because of his engineering background, Grandpa has always been a real "fix it myself" kind of guy, no matter what the job is. With his eyesight starting to fade, the Donegan OptiVisor helps him see the job at hand with very little difficulty. The OptiVisor has interchangeable lenses available in multiple magnification levels as well as a battery powered light that mounts on top.Donegan OptiVisor

6) Snow Joe 12 Inch 6.6 Amp Electric Snow Thrower
This may seem like a strange gift to give someone in June, but if Grandpa lives in a cold, snowy climate, he'll certainly enjoy the Snow Joe. This durable electric snow thrower quickly removes snow from driveways and walkways and keeps Grandpa from having to shovel anymore. It weighs less than 13 pounds and clears snow 12 inches wide and 4 inches deep with each pass. For areas with heavy snow fall, a 19 Inch 13.5 Amp verison of the Snow Joe is available.Snow Joe 12 Inch 6.6 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

7) HP Presto Printing Mailbox
Nothing makes a grandparent happier than receiving pictures of their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. With the HP Presto Printing Mailbox, you can email photos directly to them without the need for them to have a computer. It prints photos, emails, and even news from the fully customizable HP Presto Service.

8) Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer
For as long as I can remember, Grandpa has grilled dinner on the barbeque almost every night during the summer. Unfortunately, sometimes he would get distracted by something and dinner would be a little "well done". With the Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer, he won't have to worry about overcooked steaks, chicken, or fish ever again. He simply inserts the probe into the meat, selects the entrée in the thermometer, chooses his preferred doneness, and goes about his business. The probe will alert the wireless grill receiver up to 330 feet away.

9) Snore Stopper
The Snore Stopper is a device that comfortably attaches to your arm like a watch and releases small electrical impulses when you snore. The gentle acupuncture impulses train your muscles to relax which helps you to stop snoring. I guess this gift idea benefits Grandma more than Grandpa.

10) Bright Feet Lighted Slippers
Grandpa is getting older so my father and I both worry more and more about him falling, especially at night. With the Bright Feet Lighted Slippers, he can get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or get a drink without the fear of tripping over anything. The bright LED lights illuminate an area up to 25 feet ahead of him. They are available in several colors and both men's and women's sizes, so Grandma can get a pair too.Bright Feet Lighted Slippers

With such a wide variety of useful and thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas available, this year I can get Grandpa something he will really enjoy and get a lot of use from. Happy Father's Day!

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