FAQ on Infrared Heat-Light Therapy

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What is Infrared Heat Therapy (IHT)?

Most people, even pain and sports medicine specialist, know that infrared heat therapy can help the body heal naturally, faster and more effectively than most other means. IHT speeds up the body's blood flow in a way that speeds the healing of skin, bones, ligaments, tendons and fascia. It also just helps overall health. If a person is basking in an infrared sauna, it even helps heal organs and make skin look and feel better. Infrared therapy pads come in all shapes and for all body parts, and offer the same healing and health benefits! They just take a few days to get used to because they don't heat up/feel hot to the touch…they heat YOU up and get your blood flowing in a highly effective therapeutic fashion!

By the way, very uniquely, even people with heart conditions can enjoy infrared saunas. The way it works is miles different from a heat generating sauna. It takes less electricity to run, and it also heats your body due to increased blood flow, vs. heating the air around you. You can even bring a computer and glass of ice water into your infrared sauna and it will not affect those items at all! The only heat in the room is the heat that's been generated from your body, so the temperature of the room gets warm, but nothing like a sauna.

Infrared heat therapy provides a healthy and easy way to provide muscle relief and improve your physiology. IHT products improve your immune responses, increase blood flow, and speed up metabolism. In addition to increasing blood flow, IHT also helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to your cells, while eliminating waste and easing inflammation! It's not a new technology, it really does work, but it's still not known by the masses. It's mainly known by people in pain, or desperately trying to heal; people who have "tried everything and finally found something that works!" IHT also activates the natural enzymes and metabolism of the body deep within the tissue. The basic tenet of IHT is that heat sent directly to your body's core stimulates the body to help heal itself quicker. Infrared is actually a band of light that you cannot see, yet can be perceived as heat. IHT is a great way to treat sore or strained muscles or joints. As you can imagine, professional and avid athletes swear by IHT.

What is FIR?

FIR stands for Far InFrared. Far infrared heat as opposed to traditional heating methods enable the heat to penetrate deeper into your body without the skin discomfort of other heating products. Less discomfort is just one of the many benefits of FIR heat therapy. See the graphic below to understand the full extent of the deep penetrating healing of FIR heat.

What is Infrared Light Therapy (ILT)?

Infrared LEDs focus waves of infrared light directly on the source of the pain. The infrared light increases local circulation causing healing of the joint and muscle tissue at a cellular level. Again, it takes some getting used to because the unit itself does not heat up, it just causes the feeling of heat in your body due to its effective therapeutic effect of increasing your blood flow. This technology is suited for both chronic and acute pain sufferers. This technology sends therapeutic waves of penetrating energy below the skins surface, heating the tissues of the body from the inside. The effects of the treatment can be seen by the notable reduction of inflammation, it reduces swelling and increases the body's natural ability to heal. Athletic Trainers, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists are definitely big fans of Infrared Light Therapy, although, it's taken many years to tear most of the traditionalists away from their advocacy of ice therapy or heating pads. Other light therapy can be used to stimulate the skin at the cellular level for the purpose of rejuvenating tired and aging skin. Regular infrared light therapy can also increase collagen production, it can also improve blood circulation, and synthesize new skin cell growth deep inside the derma; which can legitimately makes you look and feel better. This effective technology can provide quick and easy pain relief for your chronic and acute pain.

Are these devices safe?

Yes! Look for the products that have been cleared by the FDA, and buy from legitimate distributors with longevity and credibility. Read all warnings and notice that it is very difficult to injure yourself in any way with infrared therapy. Just whenever appropriate, favor products that include safety goggles to protect any illuminating products that may have a harmful effect on your eyes.

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