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Medical Alert Bracelets Are the Low-Tech Way to Save Your Life

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Medical Alert Bracelets Are the Low-Tech Way to Save Your Life

There's a very simple, very low-tech and low cost solution that has been cast aside by many yet can mean the difference between life and death in times of need -- the Medical Alert bracelet.

Richard O'Brien, MD, an emergency physician at Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) tells me that he "really likes Medical Alert tags because they're prominent. Paramedics can see the bracelet right off the bat, and they won't have to go through your pockets looking for critical information."

For those who don't like the look of Medical Alert bracelets, there's good news -- they now can be fashionable, incorporated into attractive bracelets or wristwatches. One word of warning: Don't make the Medical Alert symbol too subtle or it might be mistaken by emergency personnel as fashion jewelry.

If you are taking any long-term medications, have a chronic condition, such as allergies or diabetes, have any congenital defects, have difficulty communicating (this could include children, stroke victims, etc.) or have implants or prostheses, you should definitely consider wearing a Medical Alert tag.

More Emergency Advice

Even if you don't require a Medical Alert bracelet, Dr. O'Brien has a recommendation that he gives to every patient: Write your important information on an index card, and carry it in your wallet. Even better: Use a brightly colored card and laminate it. When you're writing your list, think MAIA...

Medicines: Name any prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, herbal remedies or nutritional supplements you take, the condition you take them for, how often you take them and at what dose.

Allergies: Food allergies are just as important to note as allergies to medications.

Immunizations: For example, when was your last tetanus shot?

Anything else: Do you have diabetes? Do you have a pacemaker? Are you on dialysis? List anything that could be an issue if you can't speak for yourself for some reason. While you're at it, add your physician's name and contact information, as well as that of a family member.

Once a year, or more often if you change medications, review your card to make sure all the information still is accurate -- remember, phone numbers can change as often as prescriptions.

And rest easy knowing that you're taking steps to protect yourself.

The Cadex Twelve Alarm Watch with Medical ID features large, easy to read numbers. The watch also displays the date and can be set with up to 12 beeping alarms with text messages. Provides gentle reminder to take medication. It holds a Medical ID databank that includes the user's name and phone number, medical conditions, allergic reactions, list of medications, blood type, date of birth, doctor's name and phone number, emergency contact information, insurance company and policy number. Get one now!

Our Medical Alert Bracelet provides medical professionals a brief and easy to read description summarizing a few of your key medical facts. it's available in both and necklace style. This can be invaluable as emergency personnel are trained to look for a medical ID tag in an emergency. Wearing a medical ID offers you peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one will be properly cared for in a timely manner should an unexpected medical emergency arise. Get one now!

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