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MSPA Bubble Spa - MSPA Portable Spa FAQ

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MSPA Bubble Spa Portable Hot Tub Frequently Asked Questions

The MSPA Bubble Spa Blue Sea Portable Hot Tub B110 and the MSPA Bubble Spa Camaro Portable Hot Tub B130 are two inflatable, portable spas available from ActiveForever. Affordable and easy to set up, MSPA portable spas provide users with a soothing hot tub experience.

If you have purchased or are interested in purchasing one of the MSPA portable hot tubs, here are some questions frequently asked by portable spa owners.

Approximately, how much water does the MSPA Portable Spa hold?

When filled to the recommended 80% of maximum capacity, the B110 Blue Sea and B130 Camaro Portable Spas have a water volume of approximately 1000 liters or 265 gallons.

How long does it take to fill the MSPA bubble spa with water?

Typical fill times are around 10 minutes, depending on your hose size and water pressure. It is also recommended you observe the initial filling of the spa for several minutes to make sure that the spa is set up correctly and there are no leaks.

How high should I fill my spa?

We recommend that you fill the MSPA Portable Spa to the water line printed on the inside of the spa wall. In order to maintain maximum pump efficiency, do not over or under-fill the MSPA Portable Spa.

Does my spa need chemicals and if so, what chemicals do you recommend?

Yes, like most all spas, pools and hot tubs, the MSPA Portable Spa requires some chemical maintenance. We recommend you use either bromine or chlorine (NEVER MIXED) tablets for ideal hot tub disinfection and sanitization. We also recommend you use the included pH test strips to ensure proper pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels regularly.

How often should I test my portable spa water?

It is recommended that you test the water each time you use the spa. Using the attached test strip in the MSPA Portable Spa package, you can easily test the water inside your spa. Always test for pH, alkalinity and for proper levels of the sanitizer you are using (either chlorine or bromine). Keeping the pH and alkalinity in the proper ranges allow your chemicals to work effectively and will lengthen the life of your jets, pumps and heater.

Will excessive chemicals cause deterioration to the spa liner?

Excessive or concentrated chemicals may cause damage to any spa and to the user. Please read and follow the instructions included with your chemicals to ensure proper pH and alkalinity levels are maintained and always test your spa before each use.

Can I set up the spa on any surface?

The MSPA Portable Spa needs to be set up on a smooth, level and stable surface, free of any sharp objects or debris. If setting up the spa outdoors, it is recommended that you use a heavy duty tarp or the MSPA Heat Preservation Mat to ensure the surface is suitable to support your spa.

What material is the MSPA portable bubble spa made of?

The MSPA Portable Spa is made with heavy gauge PVC which is about 0.60mm thick. The outside of the MSPA Portable Spa B110 is made of Polyester laminated PVC, while the B130 is made of PVC synthetic leather.

Does the MSPA bubble spa liner require any special care to ensure durability?

Avoid using sharp objects when in or around your spa, maintain proper pH levels and keep the spa sanitary and clean when not in use.

How often should I wash or change the spa filter cartridge?

It depends on how often you use the spa and how clean the water quality is. Filter cartridge can be rinsed out under a sink or hose once every 1-2 weeks. If the filter cartridge is visibly soiled or discolored, the cartridge should be replaced.

Is direct sunlight bad for my MSPA portable spa?

All MSPA Portable spas are manufactured with UV inhibitors to delay the degradation caused by sunlight, but it is recommended that you treat the spa regularly with UV protectants or place the spa in an area that is partially shaded to promote a longer lifetime.

Can the spa be left up year-round?

Depending on where you live, it is possible, but we do not recommend you to keep your spa on if outside temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit in your area. The water in the MSPA Portable Spa may freeze and expand inside the pump and damage can occur. The MSPA Portable Spa cannot withstand the weight of ice and snow. We recommend you drain and store your spa indoors when not in use for long periods.

Does the MSPA Portable Spa include a warranty?

Your MSPA Portable Spa is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship under proper use and service, for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase for the spa liner and 12 months for the electrical components.

How do I prevent dirt and grime from getting into the spa water?

Always use the locking lid to keep your spa covered when not in use. This will help keep debris out of you spa, and prolong the time between changing filters.

How to protect the portable spa from damaging grass or fungi developing on the concrete?

It is not possible to prevent grass or lawn damage under the spa. Keep this in mind when selecting your site for set up. Keep the grass and concrete as dry as possible by mopping up excess splashed water after each use to minimize fungal growth.

How many seasons should the bubble spa last?

Consistent maintenance and proper storage of your spa in the off-season will prolong its life considerably. Warranty on the spa liner is 6 months after the date of purchase, 12 months for all electrical components.

How full do I inflate the bubble spa?

Using the patented Smart Inflation System, you can quickly inflate your spa until the spa becomes stable, at approximately 85% capacity. Do not over-inflate as the lining may burst or leak once filled with water. Always remember to use the included pressure gauge to test and adjust the air pressure of your MSPA Portable Spa to suitable levels.

How often should the water be changed?

Depending on usage and chemical balance, you spa's water should last through a summer season. You can reduce amount of water changes by keeping your spa covered when not in use, testing the water regularly to ensure proper chemical balance, operating the pump for an adequate number of hours each day, keeping the filter pump cartridge clean, and replacing the cartridge when needed.

Is a video available to show how to set up the MSPA portable bubble spa?

The spa setup DVD is included in your spa package.

Is it safe for pets to play in the spa?

It is not recommended that dogs, cats or any other household pets be allowed in the spa to avoid their fur becoming clogged in the filter, and to prevent them from being possibly locked inside. There is also a puncture risk to the sidewalls and inflatable ring from pet claws and teeth.

What is the maximum water temperature for my MSPA portable spa?

The heater maximum temperature is set at 104?, this is the highest recommended setting, and we do not recommend using the spa at temperatures above this setting.

Is there a repair kit enclosed for the MSPA bubble spa liner?

Only a repair patch for small tears and holes is included with the packaging. Surface should be cleaned and dry before affixing the patch.

Why does the spa stop working for a couple of minutes?

The spa contains an automatic shut-off that will stop the pump and filter after 30 minutes of use to prevent overheating. After 10 minutes time, the pump will restart automatically.

Can I use my MSPA Portable Spa indoors?

Yes, though it is recommended that you ensure the room has adequate ventilation to prevent mold and mildew from accumulating, and that your flooring is structurally sound enough to hold the weight of the spa when filled.

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