Preventing Fall Sports Injuries

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Preventing Fall Sports Hip InjuriesPreventing Fall Sports Hip Injuries

Now with fall sports like football and soccer underway, many people - young and not so young - are attending multiple practices and games. Although sports are meant to be fun, that good time can lead to a lot of hip pain if a person isn't careful. Here are a few tips on how to prevent sports injuries:

- Stretch properly before any activity. Treat stretching and warm-up as part of the workout. Many sports hip injuries can be prevented if the athlete would warm-up properly and loosen the muscles for activity. Do several repetitions of stretches to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries such as muscle cramps and strains, and more serious joint-related injuries such as labral tears and dislocations. Make sure to focus on muscle groups that your hip uses for kicking, running, or pivoting.

- Stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to side stitches and muscle cramps, as well as much worse problems. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after activity. Sport drinks are now common, but water will provide necessary hydration without salts and enzymes. Some components of "high-energy" drinks are actually detrimental to hydration.

- Weight training can be helpful for all activities. Stronger muscles absorb more impact and help protect joints and bones against injury. Lift weights as part of your weekly routine. The adductors, abductors, flexors and extenders are all critical hip muscle systems.

- Keep equipment in top shape. Many injuries can be easily avoided by maintaining the equipment, such as shoes and helmets. Make sure shoes are appropriate for the surface and replace them if worn-out or uncomfortable. If you have protective gear for other parts of your body, don't be embarrassed to wear them under your uniform.

- When outside, protect skin and muscles against the severity of the weather. When the sun is out, apply sunscreen to avoid a severe burn, also wear lightweight clothing so sweat is able to evaporate and radiant heat is reflected away. Once it gets cooler, wear warmer clothing that covers skin and protects against frost bite.

- Keep a positive attitude and be smart. No one looks to get injured, so play smart and try to avoid situations where someone may get hurt.

If your team has an athletic trainer, be sure to report your injuries to them so they can help you in the right care of your injury.

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