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Push Up Pushup Workout Exercise Article

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Push-ups: A Timeless Exercise Important for the Young and Old Alike

Push Up Workouts Promote Fitness and Health for any Generation

The push-up is the ultimate measure of fitness. Engaging muscle groups in the arms, chest, shoulders, and core, the act of lifting one's own body weight is difficult even for those who are in great shape or who finds themselves doing a lot of lifting and moving in their jobs. Push-ups represent the simplest and most effective way of demonstrating any physical strength. Everyone remembers the 1992 Academy Awards when, during his Oscar acceptance speech, 73 year old actor Jack Palance surprised the audience by dropping to the stage and doing one-armed push-ups. For the young and old alike, push-ups are an important exercise for building upper body strength, balancing natural biomechanics, avoiding injuries, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Jack Palance One Armed Push-Ups at the Academy Awards

Studies have shown that weight training at a young age can be dangerous to a teenager's growth. Exercises such as the bench press, leg press, and shoulder presses have a tendency to oppose the bones in the body, compressing the growth plates which, in turn, prematurely stunts growth. Teens that do not have a full understanding of weight training or have not been given proper instruction can over-exert themselves, resulting in serious injury. Push-ups limit the teen's workout weight to their own body weight while putting the body in a more natural position than most weight machines. Unlike weight machines, which tend to focus on one specific muscle group, push-ups work multiple muscle groups, leading to better overall fitness than use of weights.

The ability to do push-ups is important in older people as well, as it helps them withstand the rigors of aging. Push-ups can provide strength and muscle memory that can help people break a fall. When someone falls forward, their first instinct is to break the fall with their hands and wrists, which ultimately mimics the act of doing a push-up. With the right amount of upper body strength, people who fall can prevent their head from hitting the ground and be able to lift themselves up afterwards. A fitness routine that includes push-ups can not only prevent seniors from seriously injuring themselves in falls, but can also improve overall strength and balance, which serves as the most effective form of fall prevention.

Natural aging causes muscles to weaken and nerves to die, resulting in as much as a 30 percent loss of strength between the ages of 20 and 70. Regular strength training exercise can build up muscle fibers and stave off that decline by increasing the strength of the muscle you have left.

Daily Push-up Exercises

Daily exercise routines that include push-ups are what has kept 93 year old fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne in the shape of someone less than half his age. LaLanne, who was featured on television in the 1950s doing fingertip pushups, says that the key to an effective push-up workout is being able to lower one's self as far as possible before lifting back up. Dumbbells, bricks, and devices such as the Perfect Pushup keep your wrists and hands off of the ground, allowing you to lower yourself further into the push-up and enabling you to give yourself a more thorough and effective upper body workout.

Designed to optimize the push-up workout, the Push Up Pro is a set of rotating push-up handles that are designed to increase the effectiveness of a push-up workout on your upper body while reducing the strain on your wrists. The rotation of the handles engages more muscles in your arms and shoulders, but also uses the principles of balance to work more of your abdominal muscles. When your body is off balance, muscles in your abs and core work to correct your body position; the rotation of the Push Up Pro handles give your body a sensation of being off balance, causing it to work those muscles. Identical in function to the Original Perfect Pushup, the Push Up Pro features a low-profile deisgn which fits easily in gym bags, suitcases, and briefcases. Those who find themselves traveling frequently can still maintain their strength training and fitness routine.

Push Up Pro

Push-ups are the oldest, safest, and most effective form of upper body exercise and will continue to be widely used for future generations. If you are starting to do push-ups and find that the standard push-up is too tough for you, you can start by at higher angles by leaning against a wall, a set of stairs, and then the floor. Thanks to its non-slip bottom, you can use the Push Up Pro on any of these surfaces. For a harder workout, you can do push-ups with your hands or your legs on a gym ball, such as the FitBall Exercise Ball. Start doing your push-ups today, and help yourself maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle for years to come.

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