Quasar Capsule Insurance Billing Code Information

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Quasar Capsule Insurance Billing Code Information

The following codes are the most common codes used by practitioners of Laser and LED therapy. Please note that ActiveForever does not do insurance billing and cannot make recommendations on any particular code.

Billing Code Information Sample
S8948 Used to denote low level laser therapy for BCBS Do Not Use

97026: Infrared

Used for infrared light therapy for a heat lamp. Reimbursements can be low. To improve reimbursements you can add a 22 0r "unusual procedural services"

97029: Attended photonic stimulation

97026: Attended infrared light therapy

97026-22: Attended infrared therapy

97039: Attended Modality, Unspecified

Used for attended modalities. Reimbursement is good because it is understood to take more time than unattended code. Can be rejected by some insurance for being unspecified. Have one-page description of treatment available.

97039: Attended infrared therapy

97039: Attended laser therapy

97032: Attended Electrical Stimulation

Many practitioners modify this code for laser and LED therapy. Reimbursed quite well, and can be billed in several ways. The description can be modified.

97032: Attended Electrical-Photonic Stimulation

97032: Attended Electrotherapy/IR

97139: Unlisted Therapeutic Procedure

Used for therapeutic procedures, meaning doctor must have one-on-one contact with patient. More likely to be inspected by insurance carrier.

97139: Photonic Stimulation: Constant attendance

97140: Manual Therapy Techniques

Used for manual therapy technique, meaning doctor must have one-on-one contact with patent and perform manual therapy. More likely to be closely inspected by insurance carrier. The practitioner must be using light therapy as an adjunct to some type of manual therapy.

97140: Manual Therapy + Infrared

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