QuickLook Battery FAQs

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QuickLook Battery FAQ's

Q. How long will the battery last on a single charge?
A. All QuickLook units are tested before shipment to test, among other things, the length of time the unit will run on a charge. The length of time varies between units from 86 to 100 minutes with the average at 92 minutes. A unit is not shipped if it lasts less than 86 minutes. Run time on a single charge/recharge could vary as much as 10%, so from about 75 to 100 minutes.

Q. How long does it take to charge?
A. From a discharged state, the battery will charge in 3 hours. The red light charging indicator will go off when the battery has reached about 90% of full charge. The circuitry in the QuickLook will allow charging to continue until the battery is fully charged, then stop.

Q. Will the battery last forever?
A. No, the capacity of the battery will decrease with charging and discharging. The datasheet for the battery claims that “after 500 charge/discharge cycles at 1C the capacity will have reduced to 70% of its initial value” (C is the battery capacity in Amp-hours), therefore about one hour. The QuickLook charges and discharges at roughly ½C, so under most circumstances, the battery will last for more cycles than the standard 500 stated.

There are a variety of other factors that influence the service life of the battery: For example, high temperature will reduce its life, while recharging after a partial discharge will greatly increase its life. Therefore it is impossible to state with any accuracy how long the battery will last. A rough guideline is that you could expect the QuickLook to run for about 50 – 60 minutes near two years of service.

Q. How can the user maximize the service life of the battery?
A. The following will help to increase the battery service life:

  • Intermittent use
  • Frequent recharging even if only partially charged.
  • Storage and use at moderate temperatures (<30°C/80°F)
  • Use with charger power when possible.

Q. Is a replacement battery available off-the-shelf?
A. No. In order to design QuickLook compact, lightweight, and slim, a custom battery is required that offers high voltage yet a long life. So, a replacement battery is only available from Freedom Vision or an authorized Distributor.

Q. Can the user change the battery?
A. No. A technician at an authorized service center should perform any battery replacement. Changing the battery involves opening the unit, thereby potentially exposing the user to the high voltages used by the LCD display screen.

Q. How much is a replacement battery?
A. The cost of a battery is approximately $50 plus a service charge, which is determined by the authorized service center, and a return shipment charge if applicable. Currently, battery replacement is performed only at Freedom Vision in Mountain View, CA, but regional and local service centers will be established later this year 2004.

Q. Does the battery suffer from the “memory effect”?
A. No. QuickLook uses a Lithium-ion battery. The memory effect is where the battery cell “remembers” the level at which it was plugged into the charger and only discharges to that point in the future. This effect is only found with Nickel-Cadmium cells. The Lithium-ion cell used in the QuickLook does not have this problem, in fact, recharging after partial battery discharge extends battery service life.

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