Xerosox Measuring Guide

Measuring for the Xerosox® Waterproof Cast Cover

Step 1: Measuring Limb Circumference

Arm: Measure the circumference of the arm roughly 2 inches above (proximal to) the cast or bandage. If the end of the cast is very close to the elbow, measure mid upper arm (around the bicep).

Leg: Measure the circumference of the leg just above the cast or bandage. If the end of the cast is very close to the knee, measure mid thigh.

Please note: Do not measure around the cast but around the bare arm or leg as shown in Figure 1.


Step 2: Measure Length

Arm: Measure from the tip of the middle finger to where the circumference was measured in step 1.

Leg: Measure from the back of the heel to where the circumference was measured. For younger children the full arm and full leg Xerosox® offer the best fit; measure from the mid bicep or mid thigh. Don't worry if the Xerosox® is longer than it needs to be. Move the extra length to the middle of the limb, the excess material will shrink in on itself when the vacuum is created.


Step 3: Use Size Charts

Using the size charts select the Xerosox® size that is right for you or your patient. The circumference is more important than the length because it is critical for a good seal.

*Note the half arms and half legs are not normally used for children. Pediatric patients almost always use full arm or leg Xerosox®.

Model NameOpening SizeLength
X-Small Arm (A16413 01)6 - 7"15"
Small Arm (A16413 02)7 - 9"21"
Medium Arm (A16413 03)9 - 10"26"
Large Arm (A16413 04)10+"28.5"
Small Half Arm (A16413 05)7.5 - 9.5"16.5"
Large Half Arm (A16413 06)9.5+"18.5"
X-Small Leg (A16413 07)7.5 - 11"19"
Small Leg (A16413 08)14 - 16.5"29"
Medium Leg (A16413 09)16.5 - 21"33"
Large Leg (A16413 10)21+"37"
Sm. Half Leg (A16413 11)10 - 13"21"
Lg. Half Leg (A16413 12)113+"23.5"

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