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Toilets and Bathroom Accessories

ActiveForever carries a substantial amount of modified toilets, toilet aids and a number of creative bathroom ideas. All of which help immensely with issues of mobility and independent living.

Individuals that require assistance with personal concerns involving the bathroom and bathing issues, know the discussion extends far beyond the limited subject of "toilets."

Fortunately, ActiveForever knows this as well. So we"ve left no stone unturned while carefully and conscientiously creating an all-inclusive collection of top-quality bathroom helpers. No matter the disability or issue, we should be able to help. We"ve got simple solutions such as a Freedom Wand Toilet Tissue Aid and it"s compatible extensions, as well as easy-to-change toilet paper holders; all of which make a big difference in comfort and ability.

Similarly, popular products such as the Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat and the Deluxe Toilet Elevator, not only facilitate independence in regards to personal use of the bathroom, but perhaps more importantly, they make it a comfortable experience.

Perhaps nothing is easier than the iTouchless Automatic Toilet Seat. As the name suggests, it is an automated way to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom; a presumably welcome addition to any bathroom.

Then there"s the brilliant and advanced, yet deceptively basic ROHO Toilet Seat Cushion that everyone"s been talking about.

The ROHO suspends the individual over the seat on a pillow of air with individually inflatable sections. It properly positions the user over the toilet, counteracting asymmetrical "pelvic obliquity" and tilt.