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You're reviewing: 3M Battery Pack For GVP Belt-Mounted PAPR

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This battery pack supplies the power to operate the motor blower. The nickel cadmium battery has overcharge protection and provides eight hours of use per charge. It has a life of approximately 1000 charge/discharge cycles.

Accessories are the major components that should be ordered with the initial product purchase. These will assure continued operation for the first 30-60 days. Replacement parts are those that wear out after normal use and can be replaced individually/in quantity without repurchasing the entire system.

The battery pack must be charged in fresh air with no combustible vapors present. The battery should be charged at a temperature between 41 F to 77 F (5 C to 25 C). The time required for a full charge will increase and the potential recharge cycles will be reduced if charging takes place above 77 F (25 C)




3M Battery Pack For GVP Belt-Mounted PAPR

SKU: C27581

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3M Battery Pack For GVP Belt-Mounted PAPR