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i have two air flow breezes-i used one in my son's room this winter and it worked great! i purchased another one this summer for my master bedroom and it has been very disappointing. It never runs! For whatever reason, the cold setting won't run. I want to see what happens this winter to see if the heating unit kicks on as well as the one does in my son's room.
Review by Michelle Brandstetter on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
Works just like I wanted it to.
Review by Joan Atkins on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
Rated 4 for now. Installation was a breeze (these were installed in ceiling registers). They are about as quiet as the cooling fan in a PC. Waiting till the winter months settle in to see if they help keep the upstairs rooms warmer.
Review by Richard Brooks on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
These are great products
Review by DENNIS DARLAK on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

4 Item(s)

The AirFlow Breeze is available in two colors, Almond and Brown. The AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan is not meant to replace your existing cooling or heating system; it is simply a way to boost your heating and cooling system's performance. The AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan is ready to be placed in the existing vent opening. To operate, simply select "heat" or "cool" and turn the knob to warm or cool.

The fans will begin to run at your select speed setting. Once you set your target comfort level, the built-in temperature sensor takes over. It directs the AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan to pull extra warm or cool air out of weak registers, increasing airflow and delivering comfort. By improving the airflow from your existing central heating and cooling system, the AirFlow Breeze provides an affordable alternative to window air conditioners and space heaters. Buy your AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan from ActiveForever today!

AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan

AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan

AirFlow Breeze Booster Fan Features:

  • Boosts the Outpour of Your Central AC/Furnace System by up to 60%
  • For Use with Forced Air AC/Furnace
  • Fits in Standard Register Wall or Floor Openings
  • Easy to Use
  • No Tools Required
  • Energy Savings
  • Automatically Turns On and Off
  • Save, Low Voltage Operation
  • Place in Hard to Heat and Cool Rooms
  • Savings Will Pay for Itself in One Season!
  • Plug and play convenience
  • Safe for children and pets
  • In the floor installation allows you to run your vacuum cleaner over the top of the register

AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan Specifications:

  • Fits Register Sizes:
    • 4" X 10" (Standard)
    • 4" X 12"
    • 6" X 10"
    • 6" X 12"
  • Adapters other than the standard size are sold separately
  • Vent Finish: Almond, Brown
  • Material: Flame-Retardant ABS
  • UL Approval: US and Canada
  • Power Requirements: 115vAC Converted to 12vDC
  • Power Consumption: 14 watts
  • Cord Length: 6ft. (Power Supply Included in a matching color)
  • Fan Speed:
    • Fast - 100 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
    • Medium - 70 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
    • Slow - 40 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
  • Temperature setting range: Heat or Cool

Important - Be sure to measure your vent before ordering the AirFlow Breeze

  • Measure outside dimensions of your vent
  • Match to appropriate size on chart

AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan User Manual (.PDF)

Outside Dimensions of Existing Vent:

W 5.5" x L 11.5" 4" x 10" AirFlow Breeze
W 5.5" x L 13.5" 4" x 12" AirFlow Breeze
W 7.75" x L 11.75" 6" x 10"/12" AirFlow Breeze**
W 7.75" x L 13.75" 6" x 10"/12" AirFlow Breeze**

** Unit fits both size vent openings

AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan FAQ

Q - Does the AirFlow Breeze product work as a heater or air conditioner?
A - No. The AirFlow Breeze product works as a booster to your existing central heating and cooling system. It will increase the flow of conditioned air to the room.

Q - What results can I expect?
A - Under normal conditions the AirFlow Breeze product can improve the temperature in the "problem" room by several degrees. In most cases, your "problem" room will be at the same temperature as your thermostat setting.

Q - Is the AirFlow Breeze product safe?
A - Yes. The AirFlow Breeze is UL certified for the US and Canada.

Q - How much will the AirFlow Breeze product cost to operate?

A - Using low voltage DC fans, the AirFlow Breeze costs mere pennies per month to operate. The estimated annual cost of operation is less than $5 per year.

Q - Can the AirFlow Breeze reduce my utility bills?
A - Yes! Even when your furnace or air conditioner cycles off, the AirFlow Breeze can continue to distribute residual conditioned air from duct work. This will allow you to maintain your comfort level longer between the cycles of your furnace or air conditioner. Also there is no need to adjust the thermostat setting to warm or cool the problem room.

Q - Are there other benefits to installing an AirFlow Breeze?
A - When operated in the "FAN" mode only the AirFlow Breeze will continually circulate the air, keeping the room fresh.

Q - Does the AirFlow Breeze product purify the air?
A - No. The AirFlow Breeze product does not purify or clean the air coming from the central system.

Q - Can I use the AirFlow Breeze product in every room in my house?
A - The AirFlow Breeze improves comfort by increasing the air flow to "problem rooms" - ones that are difficult to heat or cool. With an AirFlow Breeze unit in every room air could be continuously re-circulated throughout. With just a few placed in the correct rooms you may not need an AirFlow Breeze in "every" room.

Q - How does the AirFlow Breeze get power?
A - The Breeze power adapter plugs into a regular wall power outlet. The adapter provides 12Vdc to the Breeze for the safe operation.

Q - How long is the power cord?
A - The AirFlow Breeze comes with a six (6) foot power cord

Q - Can I mount the unit in the wall?
A - Yes. Simply follow the instructions included.

Warranty: one (1) year limited warranty from date of purchase

Returns: All returns subject to ActiveForever's return policy and a 15% reprocessing fee. Please call Customer Service for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

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  • AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan
  • AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan

AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan

SKU: A16168x

The AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan from ActiveForever is a register fan that draws additional air to the problem areas in your home. This register booster fan has three different settings that enable you to increase the amount of air your current heating/cooling system produces.