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Back and Neck Pain Relief

Back and Neck Pain can make you miserable and irritable when not treated. ActiveForever has researched and tested the best choices of Back and Neck Pain Relief products in this category to help alleviate that uncomfortable sensation and prevent further injury. Whether you want to improve your posture, relieve chronic lower back pain, realign your spine, apply cervical traction, or give yourself a relaxing massage, these Back and Neck Pain relief devices will help you live a happier, pain-free life.

Common Causes of Neck and Back Pain

For the most part, everyone has woken up with a stiff neck or sore back and wondered how in the heck they managed to hurt themselves. They can"t recall lifting anything heavy or straining a muscle, but still the pain is undeniable. While heavy lifting is a significant cause of back pain, there are also other factors that may be attributed to your pain.

For example, repetitive motions like bending over regularly, with or without weight can greatly affect your posture and back wellness. This could be from not lifting properly or not standing with proper posture. For this type of injury, Active Forever carries an extensive line of Back Supports and Braces that will greatly reduce the stress and strain applied to your back

Additionally, people or employees who sit at a desk all day or stand on their feet may also find they have back and neck pains. Sitting in an office chair again may have negative affects on your posture and can lead you to hunch over for long periods and cause stiffness. For individuals suffering from this type of injury, we recommend the use of an Orthopedic Back Cushion or a Seat Cushion that helps promote correct seating for long periods.

For those people that stand on their feet all day, their pain may be caused from the lack of shock absorption the floor offers their joints. Often times, concrete or laminate floors offer little support and, over long periods, can cause serious back issues. For workers in this type of environment, use of Anti Fatigue Floor Mats, Orthopedic Shoes or Gel Insoles to prevent fatigue and backaches.

Treatment of Back or Neck Pain

Preventative treatment of back and neck pain is always the best practice, however sometimes isn"t always fool proof. There are dozens of ways to treat minor aches and pains easily and relatively inexpensively. Hot and Cold Therapy is probably the most conventional and common remedy for these minor aches. The application of heat or cold to a sore area can reduce swelling, inflammation and pain normally associated with fatigue or soreness in general.

Another common practice is Massage Therapy. While a licensed massage therapist can assist with more complicated ways, home massaging equipment and personal massage tools have never been more readily available or easy to use. With a myriad of styles, options for heating and the type of massage, Active Forever has the massage tool for you!

More contemporary and innovative techniques have also come to the forefront recently with their neck and back pain reduction qualities. Inversion Therapy has grown in popularity as it can now be done more easily in a home environment, though we still recommend speaking with a medical representative prior to beginning your own inversion treatment.

Traction and Electrotherapy are two more aggressive remedies for back and neck pain and should only be done with or under the supervision of a licensed medical technician.

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