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Bandanas, Caps & Sweatbands: How to Choose the Best Headwear

Not just fashion accessories, sweatbands, bandanas and headbands serve an important purpose in many industries. Welder"s caps and flame retardant hoods are must-haves for welders, Sunguards and sweatbands are ideal for outdoor construction workers, Cooling bandanas are perfect for just about anyone looking to keep cool on a hot summer"s day. The extensive variety means choosing the right headband or bandana is as easy as tying a knot.

The best bandana or headband will be determined by your specific situation, for instance an outdoor crane operator wouldn"t need to wear a flame retardant beanie, just like a factory-worker wouldn"t need to wear a sunguard. The specific nature of the headwear needs will regulate the choices for headbands and bandanas, and your specific preferences will help set which material and which color. With the different designs in mind, and your specific needs addressed, choosing the right headwear will be simple and easy.

Headwear can come in a variety of designs, and fit a variety of different applications. For people who spend a lot of time outdoors, the MiraCool Deluxe Hardhat Pad is a sunguard device designed to protect the back of the head and neck from the sun and elements. Constructed out of unique water-activated super-absorbent polymer crystals, these headwear devices hold 1000 times their weight in water, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable for up to two full days. These MiraCool products are available in a variety of colors and designs, and are very popular in the warmer parts of the country and for workers.

For customers who are looking for protective headwear, the Tuff Nougies Quilted Welder"s Caps are made with quality flame retardant cotton. Tuff Nougies is a leading name in the welding industry, developing caps, tie hats and beanies for welders or any workers needing fire protection headwear. Not only are these Tuff Nougies products durable and flame retardant, they are available in a variety of colors and designs, making them fashionable and customizable to any profession or need.

Anyone who works out, or simply works hard, knows sweatbands are the best options for keeping sweat out of the face and eyes. The OccuNomix Terry Toppers Snap-On Headband is a super-absorbent headband that can either be snap-fit to a hardhat or purchased as a standalone, one-size-fits-all headband. These sweatbands are available in a variety of materials, from sheep"s wool to leather to terry cotton and can be fit to almost any brand of hardhat. This versatility allows for anyone to benefit from the convenience of sweatband protection. There is even an Occunomix MiraCool Bandana that combines the same cooling crystals as found in the hardhat pad, with the convenience of a bandana design.

Choosing the perfect headwear isn"t difficult, whether it is a cooling pad, flame retardant beanie, or a simple headband, simply knowing what your needs are will go far to help you decide. With some careful consideration and these excellent products from ActiveForever, you"ll be well on your way to choosing a quality headwear device.