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Bath Lifts

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What does the bath lift do?

Bath lifts give people with partial mobility the ability to enjoy the beneficial effects of a hot bath and maintain their independence in the bathroom. offers a variety of bath lift chairs to allow anyone with physical limitations to enjoy a bathe in a safe and comfortable manner.

A bath lift"s primary purpose is to lift and lower its user safely in and out of the bath tub. The lift operates by lightly lowering the person to the bottom of the bath tub, letting them bathe appropriately in comfort. The bather can be assured in knowing that the bath lift will raise them out of the tub again. If there is not adequate electrical power to raise the user out of the bath tub the bath lift is designed not to lower them.

Bath lifts are easy to use and the waterproof hand control unit will often only have a raise and lower control button. If required, the lift can be operated by a caregiver or attendant to ensure that the user is safe. If you are not familiar with the implementation of a lift for the most part bath lifts are light and fairly easy install.

Bath Lifts vs Walk in Tubs

In many cases a bath lift is superior to a walk in bath because a walk in bath requires a redesign of an existing bathroom and there can be lots of costs involved in retro fitting the bathroom in your home. Another benefit a bath lift has is that the tub is full of water. So the bather is still comfortable and warm. The walk in bath would have to be completely drained before the bather can exit. It is hard enough to get out of the bath tub on a cold day. Can you imagine how could you would be if you had to wait for the tub to empty? Brrrr!

With all the benefits that having a bath lift provides isn"t time you gained back some of your independence? If you have any additional questions feel free to call 1-800-377-8033 to talk with a knowledgeable customer service representative who can answer your questions and help you figure out which bath lift is the right choice for you.

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  1. Bathmaster Sonaris2 Bath Lift

    Bathmaster Sonaris2 Bath Lift

    SKU: A30495 01


    The Bathmaster Sonaris2 Bath Lift is a comfortable, durable, lifting seat that allows individuals with limited mobility to enjoy the therapeutic benefits and relaxation of taking a bath.

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  2. Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

    Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

    SKU: A25635x


    This elevator adds 3 1/2" to the height of any elongated or standard toilet and can be used with or without your existing toilet seat. It is ideal for those who have mobility difficulties and lifts easily for cleaning.

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  3. Uplift Commode Assist

    Uplift Commode Assist

    SKU: A13088


    The Uplift Commode Assist is a self powered, lifting commode chair that helps users gently seat and raise themselves. It provides safe, controlled support and lifts up to 70% of a users weight.

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