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Walk In Tubs

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Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs are designed to replace your existing bath tub and enable those who are physically unable to enjoy a relaxing bath the ability to do so again. Many elderly and disabled individuals would love to maintain a level of independence in their lives, but daily tasks that were at one time easy and taken for granted, such as relaxing in a bathtub, may have become impossible for them. Walk-in Bathtubs such as the Celebrity and Safety Bath make bathing possible again.

Celebrity Walk-in Bathtubs allow a person to once again have the luxury of a tub bath along with the additional feature of whirlpool water therapy, incorporating 18 jets for massage and a built in heater to maintain the warmth of the water and air for an amazing whirlpool effect. Walk-in bathtubs are available with a contemporary, updated, elegant appearance and can be customized according to your specific tastes as the pictures illustrate. Celebrity Walk-In Bathtubs look nothing like the old hospital bath tubs, but offer the same level of safety and fall prevention.

Walk-In Bathtub Walk-In Bathtub

Specially ordered with each customer"s specific details for fit and need, Celebrity Walk-In Bathtubs can be ordered based on height, length, width, door placement and fixture placement. The walk-in tubs include all necessary plumbing and most styles will easily replace an existing 60" (standard) bathtub, however, included with each tub is an extension panel to bridge any gap in length, this panel may also be used for easy placement of shower and bath products. Walk in bathtubs typically incorporate a built in seat, grab bars to prevent falls, and easy to reach faucets with a hand held shower nozzle.

Determining door placement on walk in tubs should be based on the layout of your bathroom and the desired amount of space for the walk in tub. Doors placed to swing inside such as on Celebrity Walk-In Bathtubs, do require a bit more inside space. The Safety Bath Walk In Bath Tub features a door that swings outward with a specially designed seal and latch system to prevent leaks.

Walk-in Tubs are completely molded from a gel coat fiberglass mixed with acrylic on a stainless steel frame. This forms a smooth, easy to clean, elegant looking surface. Walk-in bathtubs are shipped directly to the customer or location of placement. When considering a walk-in tub, keep in mind that most models will use no more water than a normal bathtub and the amount of electricity needed to generate the whirlpool is minimal. Walk in bathtub installation can be easily done by most contractors or plumbers and, for added convenience, Celebrity Walk-In Bathtubs are designed with two magnetic doors providing easy access to all the inner workings of the tub, including the faucet area as well as the leveling and motor parts.

With walk-in bathtubs, like the Celebrity Walk-In Tub, you don"t have to worry about stepping over the rim of the tub. With the addition of a walk-in tub you are adding a whole new level of comfort to your bathroom for yourself and peace of mind for those who care about your safety.