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  • Bauerfeind Black GenuTrain Knee Support Brace Bauerfeind Black GenuTrain Knee Support Brace
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  • Bauerfeind Titanium GenuTrain Knee Support Bauerfeind Titanium GenuTrain Knee Support
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Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support Brace (unisex) - Titanium, Black, Nature

Quick Overview

The ergonomic Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support is an ultimate knee brace used to provide relief and stability to your weak, swollen, painful or recovering knees. It relieves your pain and protects your joint without limiting your mobility in any way

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Sku Description Price
11041205010000 Nature Size 0
11041205010002 Size 2
11041205010003 Size 3
11041205010004 Size 4
11041205010005 Size 5
11041205010006 Size 6
11041205010007 Nature Size 7
11041205070000 Size 0
11041205070001 Size 1
11041205070002 Size 2
11041205070003 Size 3
11041205070004 Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support - Black : Black Size 4
11041205070005 Size 5
11041205070006 Size 6
11041205070007 Black Size 7
11041205080000 Titanium Size 0
11041205080001 Size 0
11041205080002 Size 1
11041205080004 Size 3
11041205080005 Size 4
11041205080006 Size 5
11041205080007 Titanium Size 7

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An incredibly comfortable hinge-free knee brace, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace Support is ideal to treat cartilage injuries, mild arthritis, and knee ligament injuries. It is also suitable for people with knee strains, Tendinitis, swelling, pain, Jumper's knee, Runner's knee, knee instability, Lateral meniscus tear, Osgood-Schlatters etc.

Spiral stays located at the side of the brace ensure that the support fits perfectly and retains its shape when you’re moving. The GenuTrain Knee brace has an extra soft cushioning in the hollow of the knee for added comfort. The knee is surrounded by a viscoelastic omega pad that holds the patella (kneecap) in position and massages the surrounding tissue as the knee moves. The omega pad support has meniscus wings and soft Hoffa pads that exert a light pressure on common pain spots and relieve pain.

The soft knit fabric of the Bauerfeind GenuTrain Elastic Knee Brace wicks away moisture and keeps your knee at a comfortable temperature. The fabric is also machine washable in a gentle cycle and does not lose its shape and elasticity. Whether you’re a serious athlete, someone recovering from a surgery or simply suffering from knee pain, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support is the ideal brace for you. Comes in titanium, black or nature color.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Anatomically fitted for a precise fit
  • Viscoelastic knee cushion for comfort
  • Features two spiral splints for lateral stability
  • Silicone omega pad alleviates patella (kneecap) pressure
  • Built in donning aid allows easy pull-on by using two fingers
  • Provides support for knee strains, swelling and arthritic knees
  • Active knit in the hollow of the knee is very fine to avoid irritation
  • Relieves knee pain & protects the joint without limiting your mobility
  • Lightweight, comfortable support ideal for sports & everyday activities

Product Specifications:

  • Color: Black, Titanium, Nature
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: Ultra Light
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Bauerfeind
  • Product Numbers: 11041205010000, 1041205010002, 11041205010003, 11041205010004, 11041205010005, 11041205010006, 11041205010007, 11041205070000, 11041205070001, 11041205070002 11041205070003, 11041205070004, 11041205070005, 11041205070006, 11041205070007, 11041205080000, 11041205080001, 11041205080002, 11041205080004, 11041205080005, 11041205080006, 11041205080007

Product Sizing:

All sizing is approximate. See sizing information below and measure accordingly before ordering any Bauerfeind knee support. To find your correct size for the Bauerfeind GenuTrain, measure the circumference of your leg 4 3/4 inches below the knee and 5 1/2 inches above the knee as shown in the illustration.

GenuTrain Size Circum. 4 3/4" Below Knee Circum. 5 1/2" Above Knee
0 9 7/8 - 11" 13 3/4 - 15"
1 11 - 12 1/4" 15 - 16 1/8"
2 12 1/4 - 13 3/8" 16 1/8 - 17 1/4"
3 13 3/8 - 14 1/2" 17 1/4 - 18 1/2"
4 14 1/5 - 15 3/4" 18 1/2 - 19 3/4"
5 15 3/4 - 17" 19 3/4 - 20 7/8"
6 17 - 18 1/8" 20 7/8 - 22"

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We ship Bauerfeind products only to customers within the United States of America and its Territories.

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Bauerfeind GenuTrain Fitting Video (0:41 Minutes)


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Rx Type N/A
Prop 65 N/A
Manufacturer Bauerfeind USA
Select Your Options No
Compression Style No
  1. This is the second order that I've purchased for my daughter review by on 11/21/2014

    This is the second order that I've purchased for my daughter. She plays basketball and loves them. They are comfortable and not as intrusive as some other braces. And this company has the best customer service!

  2. i bought a pair of these knee braces and they're worth every penny review by virginia gaither on 1/8/2013

    i bought a pair of these knee braces and they're worth every penny. they're very comfortable to wear, and they don't slip or bunch up while i'm playing basketball in them.

  3. This Brace is Extremely Well Made and easy to use review by Christie Agnese on 1/8/2013

    This Brace is Extremely Well Made and easy to use. My first one was 10 years old before I had to replace it. Just be sure to pull it straight down and off your leg instead of turning it down on itself (inside out) so you don't bend the metal stays. This brace may get wet when you sweat but it never smells and always air dries and is ready for action the next day. Did I mention it has stabilized my knee and kept it from falling out from under me and I am now pain free.

  4. I have a weak knee and bought one of these to "test drive review by Raquel Vigueria on 1/8/2013

    I have a weak knee and bought one of these to "test drive." It works very well in supporting my knee and attachment areas. I felt no pain or weakness in my knee at all when skiing. I'm now buying another one so both my knees will receive protective support on a mountain trek I'm planning.

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