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Beasy Premium Transfer Boards is a company based in Minnesota that manufacturers and sells transfer boards that provide a unique way of transferring; this “no-lift” technology is unlike any other that is currently available in the market. These boards reduce the hassle in the lifting process for those who may be injured or disabled so that the caregiver sustains no injuries or soreness that may affect the shoulders and/or back. In addition, the technology provided by the boards is “tissue-friendly”; meaning the system absorbs the friction, leaving nothing that could cause any damage to the skin. The Beasy Trans boards are available in three different plastic models. These boards have the ability to cater the needs of patients weighing as much as 400 pounds and can bare the stress up to 1100 pounds. Beasy Trans also makes transfer boards out of wood and currently there are 7 different kinds of wooden models on the market. Beasy Tans presents the Beasy Board Transfer System, which prevents the patient and caregiver from sustaining injury in the process of transfer. The seat can easily rotate 360 degrees and the patient gets a very smooth transfer due to the frictionless sideways sliding motion. This board also uses the “no-lift” technology, which is a unique quality of the Beasy Trans products, and thus prevents any kinds of injury or soreness in the shoulders of the patient or caregiver. For the convenience of a wide range of customers, this board comes in three different sizes. The board is made with Microban antimicrobial protection which prevents mold, mildew and the spread of germs. The board can be helpful for both patients at home, as well as in hospital or clinics. The company now also sells the Carrying Case for Beasy Boards that are actually very convenient polyester bags designed specifically to carry the boards. This bag comes in three different sizes to fit each of the three different Beasy Boards. They act as the protective layer, keeping out dirt and scuffmarks off the board. The bag is not just about protecting the board; its design aims to make sure that the board is easy to carry. Made out of 600D polyester, this case is strong and has Velcro straps inside to make sure that board stays in right place. The zipper opening keeps the board from slipping out and makes it easy to put it in and take it out. Another kind of bag provided by the Beasy Tans is the new Wheelchair Bag for Any Beasy Board. It is a bag made out of 600D polyester and has a backpack style with 7.5” long straps which slide over the wheelchair handles. The idea behind this bag is to help those in wheelchair carry their Beasy Board with independence and mobility. Reasonably priced at $39.99, there is a bag that fits each of the three different Beasy Board sizes.

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