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  • Bed Buddy Combo Pack Bed Buddy Combo Pack

Bed Buddy Combo Pack

Quick Overview

Combining three of the most popular and reliable Bed Buddy products together into a truly fantastic full body therapy kit, the Bed Buddy Combo Pack provides soothing heat and relaxing cold therapy for anywhere on the body. With the Large Joint Wrap, Warming Aromatherapy Footies, and versatile Body Wrap, these products provide moist heat therapy as well as cold therapy for reliable and effective pain relief. Designed to treat neck, shoulder, arm, leg, knee, foot and back pain quickly, and without chemicals.



Included in the pack:

Bed Buddy Body Wrap:

The Original Bed Buddy Body Wrap is a specially contoured wrap that can be used nearly anywhere on the body. Providing moist heat therapy for aches and pains without water, this deluxe wrap can be ready in minutes for use as a heat pack, and will stay heated for up to an hour. Toss it in the freezer to have a cold pack always ready! The Velcro closure on the Bed Buddy Body Wrap helps you secure it comfortably in various positions on your body from the toes to Your Original Bed Buddy Body Wrap is reusable, and easy and safe when used as directed.

Bed Buddy Joint Wrap:

The Original Bed Buddy Joint Wraps can be microwaved for use as a hot wrap or refrigerated for use as a cold wrap. The wraps are easy to use and have an elastic strap with a Velcro closure for added flexibility and to keep them securely in place. Place your Bed Buddy Joint Wrap into the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes and you'll enjoy deep penetrating moist heat wherever you need it. The wrap heats in minutes and stays heated for up to 1 hour. Like all Bed Buddies it provides moist heat relief without water and is 100% organic and safe for environment, people, and pets. Place it in the freezer overnight for a relieving cold pack.

Bed Buddy Warming Footies:

Treat your feet and your senses to soothing warmth with the Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Warming Footies. Providing instant, soothing heat therapy for your cold and tired feet, these deluxe footies are infused with eucalyptus, cloves, and cinnamon to revitalize, comfort and calm your entire body. Ready in just minutes in the microwave, the Bed Buddy Warming Footies retain and provide moist heat for up to one hour. Easy to care for and reusable for years, the footies offer easy and safe foot relaxation, making pain relief just a step away. Whether you live in Arizona or in Alaska, the nights can get chilly. Put some warmth in your life with the Bed Buddy Warming Footies from!

Creative Relief for Arthritis or Chronic Pain Due to "Arthritis"

Bed Buddy Combo Pack Features:

  • Provides moist heat therapy or soothing cool therapy
  • Quickly relieves aches and pains all over the body
  • Fast, convenient, and effective pain relief
  • Each product retains heat for up to one hour
  • Contains 100% food grade oatmeal and gluten-free rice filling
  • Safe for celiac disease and gluten sensitive enteropathy

Why Heat Therapy? Heat can reduce muscle spasms, reduce joint stiffness, and make soft tissue more limber. Heat can be used to help loosen tight muscles and joints during a warm-up period before exercise. For example, you may put moist hot packs on tight leg muscles before running, on your shoulder before throwing, or on tight neck or back muscles.

When Should I Use Heat? Use heat for stiff muscles and joints when you are trying to make them more limber. Most therapists and doctors advise not to use heat right after an injury or while your injury has any swelling, as this will have the opposite effect of cold therapy. Heat increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. It's good for easing tight muscles, but will only increase the pain and swelling of an injury by increasing blood flow to the injured area.

Why Cold Therapy? Cold therapy is proven to be safe and effective at reducing swelling, relieving pain and decreasing muscle spasms, cold therapy is an easy self-care technique that anyone can administer. Cold therapy should always be used as soon as possible after an injury occurs and continued for the following 48 hours at 15 to 20 minute intervals or as advised by a medical professional.

When Should I Use Cold Therapy? After an injury, blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells are damaged and cannot remove waste. The cells around the injury increase their metabolism in an effort to consume more oxygen. When all of the oxygen is used up, the cells die. Blood cells and fluid seep into spaces around the muscle, resulting in swelling and bruising. When cold therapy is applied, it lowers the temperature of the damaged tissue and constricts local blood vessels. This slows metabolism and the consumption of oxygen, therefore reducing the rate of cell damage and decreasing fluid build-up. Cold therapy can also numb nerve endings and help reduce pain.

Bed Buddy Combo Pack Specifications:

  • Footies: 9" L x 7.5" H
  • Joint Wrap: 17.5" L x 6" W (Large)
  • Body Wrap: 18" across at the widest point
  • PLEASE NOTE: These Wraps and Footies are NOT machine washable. Washing these wraps will lose the effectiveness of the moist heat therapy.

Bed Buddy Wraps Instructions:

  • Hot Pack: Heat in microwave for 1 - 1 1/2 minutes, continue microwaving in 20 second intervals for added heat. Do not exceed 2 1/2 minutes total
  • Cold Pack: Wrap in plastic bag and place in freezer overnight

Note: Bed Buddy Products should not be heated in the oven

Warranty: All Carex Health Brands products include a limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects

Returns: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable. Please refer to ActiveForever’s return policy for more detailed information.

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