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Big Button/Talking Phones

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Big Button Phones

Big button phones with large numbers make an excellent gift for seniors, who suffer from low, limited vision or hand tremors.

Active Forever stocks a wide selection of home phones and cell phones for the elderly. These specialty phones have large, easy-to-read numbers and can give the user a more independent lifestyle. Since these phones are designed for seniors, they"re designed to be as easy to use as possible and include Large displays and big button keypads. The manufactures keep the phone menu interfaces are made to be simple and straightforward. The main design features are call quality because as one can imagine seniors can also suffer from mild to server hearing loss.

The makers of senior friendly telephones often scale down the phone features and focus more on usability. Most of the people who buy phones for their elderly relatives tend to focus on the keypad making sure that it has large, easy-to-read numbers. Even a simple task like dialing a phone number or checking, saving and deleting voice mails can be a daunting task for those who suffer with low vision. These big button phonescan really come in handy in case of emergency situations.

Phones with Large Numbers

When customers call our customer service center a typical conversation for someone looking for a phone for their elderly parents typically goes like this.

Hey guys, I am looking for a phone with large numbers and buttons for dad. His vision is not as good as it once was and he is getting frustrated. I worry about him he has poor eye sight and I want to make sure he/she can all me. What would be a good phone for him? He is not very high tech so the telephone just needs to be something very simple that has large buttons and decent sized dial pad.

Future Call Amplified Big Button Phone with Caller ID Featuring a programmable speed dial, hold, flash and redial dedicated buttons, and hearing aid compatibility, the Future Call Amplified Big Button Home Phonewith Caller ID is sure to please even the most advanced low vision or hearing loss sufferer. Designed to provide years of continuous service with little maintenance, the Amplified Big Button Braille The phone is a high-quality, cost-effective communication device, buy yours today from!

This big button cell phone designed for seniors and the elderly is easy to see and easy to use. The features of the snapfon™ ez ONE big button cell phoneare very much in demand by seniors and caregivers. Its simplistic design and intuitive interface allows anyone to master it in just a matter of minutes. The most unique feature is an emergency S.O.S. button - ideal for seniors and the elderly.

The cell phone can be set up quickly and the user can enter up to four names and numbers that will be called when the S.O.S. button is activated. So when you are looking for a senior citizen friendly cell phone you can breathe a sign of relief knowing that your elderly family member has this technology and help is on the way with a simple press of a button

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  1. AmpliPOWER60 Amplified Corded Telephone

    AmpliPOWER60 Amplified Corded Telephone

    SKU: A17646


    The AmpliPOWER60 Amplified Corded Telephone is an easy-to-use corded phone perfect for individuals who require a superior amplified speakerphone. With a sleek and stylish black exterior, this phone boasts adjustable incoming voice amplification up to 67dB for a loud, clear and distinct sound that can be easily heard. An additional visual ringer also allows users to detect an incoming call from across the room.

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  2. Bed Shaker for Amplicom PowerTel Phones

    Bed Shaker for Amplicom PowerTel Phones

    SKU: A20419


    Bed Shaker for Amplicom PowerTel Phones Learn More
  3. Future Call Amplified Big Button Phone with Caller ID

    Future Call Amplified Big Button Phone with Caller ID

    SKU: A20405


    The Future Call Amplified Big Button Phone with Caller ID is a deluxe corded phone designed to provide adjustable amplification for those suffering from hearing loss, poor vision or both. With a flashing visual ringer, large print caller ID, adjustable volume control for the headset, ringer and speakerphone, and large, raised braille buttons, this is an ideal tool for anyone with communication issues.

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  4. Geemarc Ampli200 Amplified Phone

    Geemarc Ampli200 Amplified Phone

    SKU: A17644


    The Geemarc Ampli200 Amplified Phone is a multi-functioning phone designed for individuals with low hearing and vision. Unlike standard phones, this phone provides users with a volume amplification control up to 35dB, as well as a large, big button keypad for quick and easy dialing. Additional tone, speaker and ringer control lets users adjust volumes to their personal comfort level, while an extra bright strobe visual ringer indicator aids those experiencing hearing loss.

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  5. Ameriphone P-300 Amplified Photo Phone

    Ameriphone P-300 Amplified Photo Phone

    SKU: A18036


    The Ameriphone P-300 Amplified Photo Phone is an ingenious telephone system that provides individuals suffering from low vision and low hearing with an easy and effective way to stay in touch.

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  6. Clarity JV-35 Talking Big Button Phone

    Clarity JV-35 Talking Big Button Phone

    SKU: A28956


    The Clarity JV-35 Talking Big Button Phone is a high-quality phone that is ideal for those suffering from hearing loss, low vision, or both.

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