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  1. BodyMed TENS Electrode Pads

    BodyMed TENS Electrode Pads


    BodyMed TENS Electrode Pads are reusable replacement tens unit pads for use with most transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator units and Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices.

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  2. BodyMed Carbon Self Adhering TENS Electrodes

    BodyMed Carbon Self Adhering TENS Electrodes


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Body Med provides electrotherapy, hot/cold therapy, and other related products to health clinics and professionals worldwide focusing on product performance, rather than expensive marketing, allowing for greater savings directly to the customer. Moreover, the company is used by health practitioners who purchase products to provide treatment to those in need of pain relief. This is the reason why Body Med is a trusted brand for customers and professionals alike their pain relief needs.

Body Med provides a suitable solution to people suffering from chronic pain with the Body Med Digital Dual Channel Interferential Therapy Unit. This lightweight and portable electrotherapy unit sends a current into the body tissue as a form of chronic pain relief. Therefore, this device is perfect for treating lower back pain, which is occurs persistently. This convenient device ensures its users that the solution to chronic pain is in their hands.

Moreover, people who want to increase their circulation, accelerating the recovery process, Body Med provides BodyMed Portable Ultrasound, which is extremely effective for reducing pain and inflammation of tendons and ligaments, or the connective tissues found in joints such as the knee, shoulder, hips, and back. This device is lightweight and portable, and offers therapeutic, penetrating heat therapy at an affordable $65.18 price.

Furthermore, people who suffer from persistent pain, Body Med offers the Body Med Analog 2 Channel TENS Unit. With this device, circulation increases throughout the body and the user will feel immediate relief from pain on many parts of the body. Moreover, the peripherals in the kit are all that are necessary for the user. It contains two lead wires, pack of electrodes, one battery, and the best thing is that one will enjoy pain relief.

Therefore, Body Med provides various solutions to people with many types of problems.