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Book Holders

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Book Holders For Reading Enjoyment

You just can"t replace the feeling of physically holding and reading your favorite book. Turing the paper pages and smelling the ink print is something you just can"t get with ebooks. However, when reading a large book like a cookbook or maybe a college text book holding on to a book that weighs a few pounds can cause pain in your wrists or maybe all that bending over might cause your neck to cramp. Holding a book can be painful or impossible if you have certain medical conditions.

The Book Holder is a convenient independent living aid designed to securely hold open texts and papers for easy studying, copywriting, transcribing or researching. Book holders and book stands are like having an additional hand while reading. A Book holder makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys reading a good book. It is the perfect companion for your reading enjoyment.

Large Book Holders

The Atlas Ultra book holder is our best selling book holder for customers who need their holder to hold large books like cook books, dictionaries and text books. It is very sturdy with hardwood construction means it will hold large books like your dictionary, text book, medical or law book, or recipe book. Specially designed to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that comes from constantly shifting your head to read from your favorite book, the Atlas Ultra raises your book up above the desktop to provide an eye-level view of whatever you"re working on. The durability of this product is in one word outstanding and you or a loved one can count on many years of reading comfort.

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  1. Roberts Book Holder

    Roberts Book Holder

    SKU: A15043

    Starting at: $4.99

    The Roberts Book Holder holds most books, regardless of its thickness or size, at a convenient reading angle!

    It prevents pages from flipping while allowing the reader to turn them effortlessly. To adjust the settings, simply move the pegs to your preferred position. Insert the pegs closer to you to position your book lower and the opposite for a higher positioning.

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  2. Playing Card Holder Fan

    Playing Card Holder Fan

    SKU: A15030


    Playing cards can stress wrists and joints. This large, fan-shaped card device holds cards for you in a natural position. Can be held in your hand or placed on a table.

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  3. Levo Bookholder Light

    Levo Bookholder Light

    SKU: A17618


    The Levo Bookholder Light combines the super-bright illumination of a desk lamp with the convenience of a portable worklight. This remarkable LED light is a versatile and handy addition to any desk or workstation.

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  4. Laptop Laidback Ergonomic Laptop Table

    Laptop Laidback Ergonomic Laptop Table

    SKU: A16467


    The Laptop Laidback Ergonomic Laptop Table is the perfect accessory for any laptop user who is looking to reduce stress and prolong computer use. The ergonomic design of the Laptop Laidback Ergonomic Laptop Table keeps the users arms and elbows in a flat resting position while allowing the palm and fingers to lie flat on the keyboard.

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  5. Lampcraft Fermata Clip-On Battery LED Light
  6. Four Suiter Card Holder

    Four Suiter Card Holder

    SKU: A15029

    Regular Price: $18.99

    Special Price $15.99

    Much easier than trying to hold multiple cards in one hand!

    See all your cards at a glance. Holds more cards than most other card holders. This handy, four-tiered holder allows good visibility of all your cards. Makes a perfect poker gift!

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  7. Sqweezel Flex- Ipad/Tablet Holder Clamp, Wall mount or Flat mount

    Sqweezel Flex- Ipad/Tablet Holder Clamp, Wall mount or Flat mount

    SKU: A28905

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $49.99

    The Sqweezel Flex is a universal tablet and e-reader holder that allows you to easily mount your tablet devices just about anywhere. Available in two different models, this holder is ideal for bedside, kitchen, classrooms, home, office, repair shops, etc. The soft-touch straps and ergonomic contours improves grippability and security when carrying your tablet computer. The flexible arm can be adjusted to your needs and the rotating connector allows for portrait or landscape viewing.

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  8. Levo G2 Deluxe eBook Holder iPad Floor Stand

    Levo G2 Deluxe eBook Holder iPad Floor Stand

    SKU: A30500


    The Levo G2 Deluxe eBook Holder iPad Floor Stand is an innovative and easy-to-use convenience tool that holds and positions eBook readers and tablets so that you can read and surf the web in maximum comfort.

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