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  1. Nice Stretch Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve

    Nice Stretch Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve


    The Nice Stretch® Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is designed to improve circulation in the foot by providing support and compression.

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  2. Toe Hold Splint

    Toe Hold Splint


    The Toe Hold is a splint designed with a hook and loop toe strap that can be adjusted to each user's needs. Ideal for those with first MPJ realignment or stabilization needs, the Toe Hold can be also used to achieve minor bunion correction non-surgically.

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  3. Nice Stretch Original

    Nice Stretch Original


    The Nice Stretch Original is lightweight and comfortable night splint designed to provide the patient a way to keep the foot in a continuous stretching position and can treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, plantar flexion contractures, and equinus or tight triceps surae.

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  4. Sol Step

    Sol Step


    The Sol Step is a comfortable and easy to use heel brace that provides relief to those suffering from heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. Designed with a cushioning gel pad under the heel, the Sol Step helps absorb shock while walking, while the compression on the heel and arch help reduce edema and swelling to accelerate the heeling process.

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  5. SEAL-TIGHT Protector

    SEAL-TIGHT Protector


    The Seal Tight Protector is a safe and easy to use protector that is effective for covering dressings with PICC lines and elbow surgeries. This mid-arm covering allows patients the freedom of using their hands while their arm is being protected.

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  6. SEAL-TIGHT Original Pediatric

    SEAL-TIGHT Original Pediatric


    The Seal Tight Original Pediatric is an easy to use and comfortable waterproof cover that allows children to enjoy water activities, showering or bathing without worrying about their cast or bandage getting wet. Designed with a patented application ring that stretches over the cast or bandage to form a watertight seal, this pediatric cast cover eliminates the need for strapping, pumps or hook and loop closures. With normal care, this reusable cover lasts up to 8 weeks to keep your child's bandage or cast dry; buy the Seal Tight Original Pediatric today from ActiveForever!

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  7. SmartThumb



    The patented SmartThumb helps users prevent and relieve thumb pain often associated with Arthritis and everyday activities. Especially ideal for sore, aching and weak thumbs, the SmartThumb features a flexible support splint that allows full use of the thumb, while an elastic inset and foam wrist cushion adds extra support and protection.

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  8. SEAL-TIGHT Shield

    SEAL-TIGHT Shield


    The SEAL-TIGHT Shield is an easy to use disposable dressing patch designed specifically for use while showering. This secondary or supplemental dressing allows patients to shower while keeping their wound site or surgical dressings dry. Made out of transparent film, the shield allows users to see what they are covering while the medical grade adhesive sticks securely to the skin while the release tab allows for easy removal after showering. This Seal Tight Shield is ideal for use on dressings, infusion, ostomy, catheters, biopsies or laparoscopic procedures. Keep your wound dressings clean and dry; buy the Seal Tight Shield today from ActiveForever!

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8 Item(s)