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Bullard Free-Air Pump 1-2 Man Electric Driven Oil-Less

SKU: C14242

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Bullard Free-Air Pump 1-2 Man Electric Driven Oil-Less

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Bullard Free-Air pumps transfer ambient air from a breathable air source to a supplied-air respirator. The ambient air is filtered through an inlet filter and a Carbofine outlet filter before entering the respirator's air supply hose. No carbon monoxide, oil vapor or oil mist is produced; therefore, carbon monoxide monitors, high temperature alarms or airline filters are not required. No calibration necessary. Supplied-air respirators used with these pumps must be NIOSH approved to operate at 15 psi or less. One-Two Worker Pump Supplies air to 2 continuous-flow supplied-air half- or full-face mask respirators, or 1 continuous-flow supplied-air hood or helmet respirator. Open drip-proof motor drive for use in clean, dry areas. Airflow 10 cfm at 5 psig.

Pumps are completely mobile and protable; no expensive installation costs. Supplies air for one continuous flow airline hood/helmet style respirator or two tight-fitting facepiece style respirators approved to operate at 15 psig or less. Air flow: 10 cfm at 10 psig.

Low-cost means of supplying clean, breathable air to workers in contaminated environments up to 300 feet away from the pump. Easy to operate and maintain. Electric and air-driven models available to suit any application.



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